Fighting Ageing Naturally

The ageing process is inevitable and every human being goes through it. The first strands of grey hair might indicate ageing, while some people undergo a change in the texture of their body. The latter particularly takes place in the form of fat accumulation in the stomach region. Meanwhile, wrinkles are also taken to be a sign of old age. On the other hand, some symptoms might become intense and difficult to deal with like pain and stiffness in the joints.

According to Dr Marie Bernard, Managing Director National Institute of Health, ageing is a subtle, slow process and often becomes ambiguous which makes its categorization difficult. However, she emphasizes the point, that if symptoms are seen to be developing at a rapid pace then serious caution needs to be taken.

She describes the cases which she frequently gets to witness, relating to pain in the single knee. A lot of her patients will disregard the pain as “part of old age.” However, what they don’t realize is that both the knees age the same way and the condition may not be caused by what they presume the reason to be i.e. ageing.

Is Ageing that bad?

The common prevailing misconception people have about ageing is that it is entirely harmful and is dangerous for bodily systems. Although the ageing process may slow down some of the systems in our body, it happens as to adapt the body to the older age. Dr Kenneth Minaker, chief of geriatric medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital goes to the extent of branding ageing as a “life-saving process.”

Although the symptoms may themselves not be completely harmful, it can be a pain for people at times when they disrupt the normal working of life. Fortunately, there are natural ways of making the ageing process seem less expressive. The article will hence discuss the natural anti-ageing food products in detail.

Top Anti-Ageing Foods


Blueberries unlike their size have a vast amount of nutritional benefits at the same time being low in calories. They are known to contain a high number of antioxidants that fight harmful substances that might result in chronic illnesses like cancer and heart disease. Studies have reported that on a comparison with blackberries and strawberries, blueberries contain the most number of antioxidant agents. According to the British Journal of Nutrition, blueberries can bring the serum antioxidant up to 8.5 percent in a matter of one hour.

With regards to anti-ageing, they are enriched with anthocyanins that inhibit the damage caused by free radicals in the body hence preventing ailments and pain. Blueberries are often characterized by their ability to increase the lifespan of a person by promoting a healthy function of the brain. They aid cognition and memorizing ability in older age.

Dark Chocolate

People often are unaware of the health benefits of dark chocolate beside it is good for heart diseases. Studies have shown that a reasonable amount of dark chocolate once a week should become an essential part of a healthy diet. Dark chocolates provide a long array of anti-ageing benefits and can curb the signs that may start to be visible in older age.

However, nutritionists would emphasize eating only a small portion of the chocolate as it is a high-calorie diet with a significant sugar percentage.

Collagen Containing Food Items

Found in abundance in our muscles, bones and tendons, collagen is what provides these parts in our body with strength and elasticity. Without a sufficient amount of collagen, bones may be at a high risk of being damaged.

Smoking or taking a diet rich in sugar can contribute towards collagen-related illnesses in the later age, therefore, younger age groups should avoid these habits as much as possible.

Collagen containing foods aid digestion, help fight inflammation and plays a major role in boosting the functions of a brain.

Following are some of the foods that contain a significant portion of this nutrient:

  1. Bone Broth: Most widely recommended by nutritionists to people suffering from bones related complications. Bone Broth easily tops the list of direct ways of increasing collagen in the body. It contains the bioavailable form which is what is essentially required by bones, muscles and joints. Apart from that, nutrients like calcium, Sulphur and silicon are also present in the bone broth that can inhibit pain as well as promoting bone health. However, bone broth coming from grass-fed animals will assure the best possible results.
  2. Salmon: The anti ageing quality of Salmon comes from the mineral Carotenoid that is present in abundance. Moreover, Astaxanthin, an algae extract is also contained in Salmon that can curb the complications related to inflammation as well as provide other health benefits as follows:
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Helping in blood in circulation in a later age by reducing the number of triglycerides present in the body


Avocado has increasingly gained popularity for its ability to curb the effects of ageing. This food substance will usually be beneficial for a smooth circulation of blood. It contains monosaturated fatty acids that are essential for the smooth working of the arteries.


One of the most common results of ageing is the disturbance of hormonal balance in the body. This is likely to result in osteoporosis and fertility complications like impotency. Fortunately, the Maca plant can be useful in that regard by improving the hormonal levels in the body particularly that of progesterone and testosterone. By doing so Maca can improve the sexual drive of a person as well as decrease the chances of suffering from any sort of dysfunction.

Green Tea

The health benefits attached to Green Tea cannot be underemphasized. Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology in their study findings concluded that people who make it a habit of drinking green tea regularly automatically reduce their chances of being inflicted with any bacterial or viral infection by a significant proportion.

Green Tea has polyphenol Catechin present which fights disease-causing microbes as well as the effects of ageing. Further to that, other antioxidants in green tea can act as a counter to carcinogens (cancer causing cells) and reduce the chances of stroke and heart-related disease.

The ability of green tea to help in weight loss can help burn the excess fat that gets piled up at different parts of the body thereby giving a proper body texture.


Pomegranate is certainly one of the most healthy fruits being rich in almost every mineral needed by the body including vitamin A, C and E. Its antioxidant property and the ability to fight bacterial and viral functions makes it one important natural anti-ageing food.

Patients suffering from joint inflammation and arthritis will find that eating pomegranates on a regular basis decreases the severity of the pain. At the same helps build endurance and strength after the illness.


Although there are mixed opinions about ageing, one thing is for sure: Ageing can certainly affect the way the body used to function previously.

Fortunately, to counter that there are natural anti -ageing food substances that can lessen the intensification of the signs caused by this process.

So How do these foods fight ageing?

They contain substances which have the properties of being antioxidant, anti inflammatory as well as being anti bacterial/viral. Because of these characteristics, they are able to fight off free radicals and block pathways that can lead to the development of certain diseases.






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