ADHD Adults Are At the High Risks of Becoming Addict to Substance Abuse | Research Reveals

ADHD- also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It’s a neurological disorder. Normally, it is diagnosed in the childhood. However, if not diagnosed earlier then the symptoms can proceed until adulthood as well. ADHD can be diagnosed both in adults and children.

In such a disorder, a person normally finds it difficult to have the concentration for long hours or to focus on a particular subject at hand. In children, the disorder can be diagnosed by knowing if the child or any juvenile shows symptoms such as inattentive behavior, finding it hard to perform mental related tasks, forgetting things easily, always or more often than not feeling restless.

The research on ADHD says that people or children who encounter such a disorder may be caused by the following:

  1. Inattentive behavior
  2. Hyperactive behavior
  3. Impulsive behavior

1. Inattentiveness

A person with ADHD lacks attention in most of his tasks. He cannot focus primarily on one thing at a time.

2. Hyperactivity

A person who cannot sit in a place. In such a state, the person remains restless and remains in the state of fidgetiness.

3. Impulsiveness

In such a behavior, a person works without thinking which can lead to some harm if important decisions of life are taken in hastiness.

The research says that a person can be caused by any of the aforementioned three. It depends on that which one of the three is dominant. There are three subtypes of this syndrome:

  1. Predominantly inattentive
  2. Predominantly hyperactive
  3. Combined state

A person can either have inattentive issues or a person can have hyperactive issues. But if the individual is facing both kinds of types then the issue of such a person is kind of severe. To diagnose which of the type a person is suffering, it is essential that a person has at least 6 or 9 symptoms in any of the above. Or at least 18 symptoms if a person is suffering from a combined state of ADHD.

As per the report of the survey, globally at least 4% to 12% school going kids suffer from ADHD. While at least 4% to 5% of students who go to colleges suffer from this type of disorder.

ADHD can cause result in another number of disorders as well which includes psychiatry disorders such as Bipolar disorder or anxiety or ADHD can result in an individual becoming an addict to substance abuse such as smoking etc.

The study further shows that 22% chances are there that a person suffering from ADHD can become a victim of Bipolar Disorder as well.

The research on ADHD also reveals that people who suffer from ADHD can become the victim of substance abuse. The studies say that the chances of juveniles suffering from ADHD getting addicted to smoking become two times higher than the adults who have never suffered Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Such individuals are also at the risk of becoming alcohol and drug addicts.

The same research says that people with ADHD who get addicted to drugs, alcohols or smoking find it two times harder to get rid of their addictions subsequently in life than the non-ADHD people.

The treatment for ADHD hasn’t been introduced yet which can work best. However, therapies and proper consultation from any of the health professional can be helpful in this regard. Medications are also suggested by the health professionals. But it is necessary that if you’re opting for medicines then you take them only after getting a prescription.

Many people mistake their ADHD in their adult life with a stressed life routine while in reality, most of them might have been suffering from ADHD. It is essential, though, to get yourself checked from some clinician and get it diagnosed if you feel that there are certain symptoms that are present in you.


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