Lose Weight With These 8 Herbal Teas

Tea has nearly become one of the most common dietary element, being drunk almost in every part of the world. Some people may pour hot water onto leaves while others may stick with drinking in black form.

What people might not be aware of is that tea entails a lot of health benefits. According to the European Journal of Nutrition black tea may facilitate weight loss by significantly reducing the amount of mass producing bacteria while at the same increasing lean mass-supporting ones. Components of black tea may remain in the intestine and promote the production of friendly bacteria in the gut that acts as a counter to high levels of obesity.

The benefits are not limited to just black tea but according to a lot of studies, when taken in herbal form, tea can be particularly beneficial leading to a healthy lifestyle.

Green Tea

Originating in China, green tea is increasingly becoming the second most popular tea around the globe after black tea. Green tea contains polyphenols that can help curb the effects of inflammation as well as help fight carcinogens or cancer forming cells.

The most known advantage of green tea is its ability to induce weight loss in a person. Containing a significant amount of flavonoids, caffeine and antioxidants, this type of herbal tea is often recommended by nutritionists for people seeking to burn excess amount of fat. These natural compounds aid the oxidation of fat in the body as well as increasing insulin activity that in turn propels the body’s metabolic rate.

The Matcha form of green tea is known to be the best type when it comes to losing weight. Moreover, caution needs to be taken when brewing, as boiling water may at times damage catechins and other healthy chemicals thereby reducing the effects.

Puerh Tea

Puerh Tea is the part of the black tea family though is fermented before it is served. It also originated in China and is known for its strong aroma which people often enjoy post meals.

Studies conducted have revealed that Puerh Tea is highly recommended for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. It contains natural substances that can enhance weight loss and reduce blood sugar level and triglycerides.

The only drawback this type of tea has is the slow process of weight reduction.  In a research that was conducted, it was found out that in approximately 3 months, only 2.2 pounds or 1 kg is expected to be lost.

Mint Tea

Originating in Europe, this tea is made from peppermint leaves. Being a partial mixture of water mint and spearmint, this type of tea is drunk for its fine taste and refreshing smell.

Mint tea is often referred to as the cravings crusher for its ability to fight unnecessary cravings. Though at times, the aroma of this tea can propel hunger, peppermint can decrease a person’s appetite significantly. Studies have shown that sniffing peppermint or taken in the form of tea can help lose about 5 pounds a month.

One other characteristic of Mint Tea is the low level of caffeine that is present which can be particularly helpful for people who suffer from sleeplessness.

Mint Tea is also antispasmodic which can help counter vomiting and nausea.

White Tea

The harvesting process involved in the production of white tea is essentially the reason behind its name. The leaves are plucked before they fully open with white hair covering most part of the young buds.

White Tea is also known for its low content in caffeine which makes it highly friendly for people suffering from insomnia. Furthermore, the leaves are rich in antioxidants and can trigger lipolysis which is the breakdown of excess fat in the body. Human Fat Cells consist of adipogenesis which is also blocked by consuming white tea.

This type of tea is often recommended to people who look for a quick remedy for weight loss and perfectly toned waistline.

Rooibos Tea (Red Bush Tea)

Another caffeine-free alternative to green and black tea, Rooibos tea has become increasingly popular for its numerous health benefits.

It belongs to the plant family of Aspalathus Linearis and is usually made by fermenting the leaves which gives it a red bush colour. Although Green Rooibus Tea may be formed without fermentation, it is often not drunk by people due to strong grassy taste and the high cost of buying it.

Rooibus Tea may be recommended to patients suffering from heart disease. Since obesity is one major cause of heart illnesses, this tea can be beneficial by regulating fat storage hormones in the body. Apart from that, Rooibus has a positive effect on the blood pressure as well by causing blood vessels to contract and stopping the production of angiotensin- converting enzymes.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea is known for its indirect involvement when it comes to losing weight. Firstly, like green tea, drinking it post meals can help digest food more quickly.

Second, flavonoids in Chamomile relaxes the body and puts a person to sleep more easily. Since Medical Scientists have concluded that sleeplessness in some cases can lead to obesity, Chamomile Tea can offset this problem by regulating the sleep pattern.

Oolong Tea

Also originating in China, tea experts classify Oolong Tea as a partial mixture of black and green tea for its oxidation and colour. Made from the Camellia Sinensis plant, the incomplete oxidation of the leaves differentiates Oolong from black and green tea.

Oolong Tea contains essential nutrients required by the body including a considerable amount of fluoride and manganese.

Containing the polyphenol antioxidant, Oolong tea can increase the body metabolic rate and hence regulate fat absorption. According to a study conducted, drinking Oolong can help burn around 4% of the total calories every day.


Ginger Tea

Mixed with lemon, raw honey, cinnamon and sliced lemon, Ginger Tea is gaining importance for its considerable health benefits.

When concerning weight loss, Ginger Tea induces Thermogenesis, which is the feeling of fullness and inhibition of the urge to ingest more food. This stops unnecessary munchings and consuming more calories hence helping lose weight.

When preparing, nutritionists would recommend using grated ginger and straining the content once the water has been boiled. Drinking it twice a day, after waking up and anytime empty stomach will yield the best results.

Leading a healthy life with Herbal Teas?

Made from the infusion of leaves, seeds and other parts of the plant, herbal teas have numerous health benefits. It can help fight a variety of illnesses including cancer, diabetes but its significant advantage lies in its ability to help lose weight. Almost all Herbal Teas contain antioxidants which shed off unnecessary fat from the body by oxidizing fat cells.

Thereby, consumption of Herbal Teas can be a possible way of leading a healthy lifestyle.






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