Cannabis can be Helpful in Easing the Pain of Patients Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Latest study report reveals that almost 85 per cent of the people dealing with multiple sclerosis find cannabis helpful in easing their pain and 79 per cent of people said that it eases spasticity.

The findings of the study are published in the journal, Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders.

The previous review study which examined the treatment’s used in neurological disorders also suggested that there is evidence which shows that cannabis is an effective treatment for MS patients as it eases spasticity.

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Cannabis legalization is a complex issue in America. The federal government considered it a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act, means it is illegal and no accepted for medical use. Regardless of this, 33 states have already passed legislation that legalizes its application for medical purpose.

For better understanding, the link between cannabis application and spasticity, researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University – Portland VA Health Care System has surveyed 91 adults living with multiple sclerosis regarding the use and effects of their therapy.

The survey was done in the Oregon state, where cannabis use was legalized for medicinal purpose in 1998 and for recreational purpose in 2014.

Among those 91 adults, 49 individuals reported that they had consumed cannabis in the past and 33 individuals reported that they are currently using it.

Researchers asked patients about their methods of using it. They found that 26 individuals used multiple routes, 18 individuals were using topical solutions and 17 individuals used edible cannabis, 16 individuals used tinctures, 14 individuals smoked it and 10 individuals vaped it. They observed that topical solutions were the most common among all these because spasticity in patients having MS is experienced in some specific musculoskeletal parts of the body.

Researchers also examined the frequency of usage. Among all the current users, 19 were using it daily while 12 used it once a week to once a month and two of them used it less than once a month.

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Researchers asked the participants if they were taking any oral medication for spasticity. 39 individuals reported that they just used oral medication whereas 24 individuals used oral medications and cannabis, while 9 individuals only used cannabis and the remaining 19 didn’t use anything for their spasticity.

This survey supports the previously published outcomes which indicated that oral medications don’t fully relieve spasticity in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. There were no differences in the pattern of cannabis usage based on the gender, age, education income, disability or MS subtype in the group which was being analyzed.

Based on the study outcomes, it is concluded that cannabis is really helping many MS patients for addressing their pain and spasticity.

Despite all the evidence supporting the benefits of certain cannabis formulations for improving the life of MS patients, these formulations are not readily available in the United States and the products in states where it is legal varies in their purity and content of cannabinoid.

Researchers said that there is need for more research into the efficacy and safety of different cannabinoid formulations for treating MS symptoms. These outcomes indicate the need for further research on cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis.


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