World Response towards the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

As the world is in the grip of deadly and highly contagious coronavirus, countries around the globe are implementing draconian measures to fight against COVID-19 pandemic.


Recent 590 cases of infection and 10 deaths due to coronavirus has been reported and mounting pressure on the Government to impose strict rules to control the spread of coronavirus. It is feared that the UK is heading in the direction of Italy where 12,462 infections and 827 deaths have been reported.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared that country’s tactics will change for, controlling the deadly coronavirus to just delaying its spread.


There have been total 80,793 cases and 3,169 deaths due to COVID-19. Chinese authoritarian regime has successfully managed to de-escalate the threats of coronavirus within their borders.

China was quick to implement strict quarantine of 14 days for people coming from overseas, with the strict restrictions on people arriving from countries facing severe outbreak including Iran, Italy, Japan and South Korea.

China implemented strict preventive measures including social distancing, ban on social gatherings and city-wide lockdowns of more than a month in Wuhan and in surrounding areas.

South Korea

There have been 7,869 confirmed cases and 67 deaths due to novel coronavirus. The number of new cases of coronavirus has been on the decline. The country has 50 drive-through screening centres.

Infected People are placed in self-quarantine and strictly monitored remotely via a smartphone app. The government encouraged social distancing and troops were sent to disinfect the streets.

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There have been 639 confirmed infections and 16 deaths have been reported. It has implemented strict restriction bans on the travellers coming from China and South Korea amid coronavirus outbreak. Visas are being invalidated for people who have not yet arrived in Japan. People who have arrived from the countries who were facing the coronavirus outbreak are asked to undergo quarantine of 14 days.

The health minister said that the coronavirus epidemic in Japan is going in a new phase that suggests them to take more strict preventive measures.

United States

There have been 1,312 confirmed cases and 38 deaths due to COVID-19.

President Donald Trump has ordered travels and cancelled all the flights from Europe excluding Ireland and Britain. He ordered immediate shut down of all kinds of travel from Europe to the US. He has not mentioned any preventive measures which are adopted by other countries like shut down of schools, banning social gatherings and banning travel bans between cities.


There have been 43 confirmed cases and one death was reported. The country’s premier has announced the closure of schools, institutes and childcare centres for two weeks amid coronavirus.


There have been 2,078 confirmed cases and three deaths due to novel coronavirus. Authorities have banned all public events until the end of the Easter holidays. Public health officials are focused on controlling the spread of the virus and minimizing the burden on the healthcare system.


There have been 12,462 confirmed cases and 827 deaths. It has implemented full-scale lockdowns nationwide with court action and imposing fines on people breaking the curfews. All public events and gathering are banned.

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There have been 2,277 cases and 55 confirmed deaths. Authorities in areas with most cases including Basque Country, Madrid and La Rioja have ordered the closure of all institutes and daycare facilities for two weeks. Flights between Spain and Italy have also been suspended and public gathering cancelled in these three regions.


There have been 2,284 confirmed cases and 48 deaths. It has ordered a nationwide ban on gatherings of more than a thousand people with exemptions of public transit. Government has requisitioned all the surgical masks available in-country for distribution to those who need them and capped the price of sanitizers.


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