New Study Reveals that Job Stress Causes Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the major causes of death in the United States. Coronary disorders are most common in adults due to several risk factors like tobacco smoking, poor physical activity, unhealthy dietary habits, work strain, and time pressure. Findings of the recent study on women, funded and supported by American Heart Associations Scientific Sessions says that tension also has risks for heart diseases and Coronary disorder is one of the occupational diseases of women.

The study further explains that as compare to males about thirteen percent of females who do a specific duty have weaker heart fitness. Adding to the study findings analyzers revealed that the women who perform certain occupations are at a high possibility of coronary disorders especially those in retail sales, social work and nursing are more vulnerable to heart diseases.

The risk of coronary disorders appears more in high-stress duties than low-stress duties. Thus a positive relation has been analyzed between duty stress and coronary disorders.

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Dr. DeLisa Fairweather, a researcher of coronary diseases finds that the main risk factor of heart problems is tension. Moreover, the study also finds that whether men males and females doing the same job or not they may be taking tension in different extents and ways that’s why the possibility of coronary problems is more in females as compared to males.

Dr. Fairweather adds that tension has a different influence on males and females no matter what is the cause of that tension because there is a different behavior based on their sex.

The reaction of females to tension is different from males due to the chemicals discharged from the human body. Testosterone (primary male sex hormone) and progesterone (female sex hormone) are the hormones and they have a great impact on the discharge of chemicals from the body during strain.

Due to this reason, the reaction of females is different from males facing the same problem. As far as the job is concerned the response of females is different from males to tension because of the different perceptivity of males and females to the same situation.

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Research reveals that about sixteen percent of the females working as psychiatrists, nursing and home health assistants are comparatively at a high risk of coronary disorders. It is astonishing because health workers are more aware of the risk factors of coronary diseases.

It was noted that there are fewer possibilities of developing heart diseases in females performing some jobs like administrative helpers and real property agents (a person representing the buyers or sellers of real property) but researchers mentioned that these findings aren’t suitable for all situations. Workers should try to assess the basic reason behind a particular tension and try to cope with it in the job as well as life

This study suggests that well being of the females performing jobs matters a lot. so their physical health depends largely on the type of job that they opt for.



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