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Elderly Population in Italy is at Higher Risk of a Novel Coronavirus

Italy is the worst affected county in Europe.  Health official shared that large elderly population in Italy facing a challenge in battling with the COVID-19 outbreak as it has killed 52 people who were aged between 63 and 95 with underlying health conditions.

The death toll marked a surge of 18 deaths in 24 hours. In Italy, around twenty-three percent of the population is above the age of 65, which makes it the oldest in the whole world after Japan.

The director of infectious diseases at Sacco hospital, Prof Massimo Galli said Italy is a country of old people. The elderly people with previous pathological histories are notoriously numerous in Italy. He said that’s is the reason for having more serious coronavirus cases whereas the majority of the cases start mildly and cause mild problems, especially in youngsters and certainly in children.

He said the life expectancy in Italy is among the highest in the world. But in a scenario like this, elderly people are more at risk of serious health problems.

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There are 1,835 cases of coronavirus in Italy, and the rise in new cases slowed to 272. Health officials have carried out 23,345 tests, significantly dwarfing the number of tests undertaken in other European countries.

The majority of coronavirus cases, 1,254 are in the northern region, where 10 towns have been already under lockdown for more than a week. This highly-contagious virus has spread to more than half of Italy including Puglia, Tuscany, Sicily and recently Sardinia.

Authorities say that the majority of the people who gave positive test in other regions were had been in the northern region or travelled from Lombardy for a few weeks before the coronavirus outbreak.

Of those who were infected, 742 are hospitalized, 166 in critical care and 927 are recovering at home. The number of patients who have recovered from the infection has more than doubled to 149.

Researchers at Sacco hospital isolated a strain of coronavirus from Italian patients which suggest that novel coronavirus may have circulated in the northern regions for weeks before its detection.

Gali said that the so-called Italian virus is very different from the Chinese virus. These are just rumours. Researchers are currently mapping out the sequences to know the reality and make comparisons. He said that it is an RNA virus so it is expected to be a little different from the Chinese virus.

He said that Italy had faced the highly contagious coronavirus outbreak as it is one of the countries who are not only close contact with Wuhan but also having air contact with China. Italy has experienced that highly contagious COVID-19 outbreak.

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He said that the coronavirus outbreak may not necessarily come from Italy; it will eventually appear in other European countries. He said that people could reach Italy from other nations that had not closed direct flights from China.

An Italian doctor who is recovering from the coronavirus at home, she had only the mild signs and symptoms. She lives with her family, all of her family members tested negative. She will be tested again after two weeks of quarantine.

The doctor said that in most of the cases, people recover. The problem is the lack of mechanisms to protect people who are at risk, the elderly people or those with underlying illnesses. She added that there is a need to be objective, an increase in the number of new cases doesn’t mean an increase in the number of serious cases.


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