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Is Novel Coronavirus Becoming a Pandemic?

Coronavirus has pandemic potential and spread rapidly around the globe. Countries have started making an inventory of medical equipment and investor has already taken flight expecting a global recession.

The United Kingdom has 19 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus after the identification of the first case in Wales and two recent cases in England.

In mainland Europe, the number of infected people who tested positive for the coronavirus in Italy increased above 200 to 650.

Germany has more than 50 cases, while France has at least 18 and Spain 15. Greece announced strict border controls.

South Korea reported 256 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of deadly infections to 2,022.  The death toll remained 13, unchanged from a day earlier.

In Iran, the death toll had risen to 34, the highest number outside China. This deadly outbreak prompted the authorities to call off prayers in the capitals of 23 provinces in Iran.

The number of cases decreased in mainland China, as the number of newly reported cases is 327, the lowest since 23 January.

Lithuania reported its first coronavirus case, a woman who returned from Verona, Italy.

New Zealand’s Health Ministery also confirmed its first case, a person who recently came back from Iran.

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The novel Coronavirus has caused around 80,000 infections and nearly 2,800 fatalities. It has further spread to 46 countries, where nearly 3,700 infections and 57 deaths have been confirmed, according to the World Health Organization.

The WHO said that it would be a fatal mistake for any nation t assume it will not be affected by the coronavirus, and rich countries that might have considered themselves safer should expect surprises.

The health ministry of Nigeria has confirmed a coronavirus case in Lagos state.

California is monitoring more than 8,400 people who arrived on commercial flights but they lack test kits and has been held back by federal testing rules and regulations.

A Reuters tally showed that almost ten countries reported their first confirmed cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours.

Italians or the visitors who travelled to Italy have tested positive in Croatia, Algeria, Spain m Israel and Switzerland.

Switzerland is suspending all the events in the country involving more than a thousand participants in a bid to control the spread of the virus.

Brazil confirmed Latin America’s first infection and the cases of coronavirus were also reported in Pakistan, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Romania and Greece.

A Japanese woman tested positive for the new virus for a second time as the number of confirmed cases in Japan rose above 190, excluding the 704 cases on the quarantined cruise chip.

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While a Britson who had been abroad the Diamond Princess cruise ship has died from the novel coronavirus.

Iraq reported its sixth confirmed case yesterday and number of confirmed cases in Kuwait reached to 43.

Intelligence agencies in the United States are monitoring the global spread of COVID-19 and the ability of the government to respond warning that there were concerns about how India would cope with this widespread outbreak.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said there are 23 cases of coronavirus in Australia and they are operating on the basis of a pandemic.

Hospitals are under orders to provide enough medical supplies, staff and personal protective equipment.

This new virus took a large toll on the global share market, the worst week since the global financial crisis since 2008 as the coronavirus fueled the global recessions.


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