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500 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Chinese Prisons

The officials said that more than five hundred Chinese prisoners are among the 76,000 individuals who are infected by the novel coronavirus COVID-19. According to the recent WHO report, the coronavirus already killed 2,121 people since the deadly outbreak started last year in China. 548 cases were already confirmed, taking the total to 75,748 cases.

The WHO had announced it a public health emergency of global concern as the coronavirus cases increased in the 25 days.

The dashboard of Johns Hopkins University tracking COVID-19 cases, which collects data from the official sources including China’s National Health Commission and the WHO. The coronavirus updates can be tracked online with this dashboard. According to the recent data, 2,274 individuals had died in 76,727 coronavirus cases. The chart on the website showed that new cases were going down.

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The outbreak started in the central city of China, Wuhan in late 2019. A huge number of deaths have been seen in Hubei, Wuhan. Of the above 2,000 people who died, only the 11 people have been outside the Chinese mainland, including two formers visitors, passengers of the cruise line quarantined off the coast of Japan.

Almost 1,200 cases have appeared outside of the Chinese mainland, including 16 cases in the United States.

More than 500 Chinese prisoners are among those people who become ill. The Hubei Provincial Health Committee said that the prison department had reported 271 confirmed novel coronavirus COVID-19 cases among inmates. 51 of those cases had been counted previously, which shows there are 220 new coronavirus cases to the total province-wide.

According to The Guardian, 230 of the infected cases were from the women’s prison in Wuhan, whose head has been fired. Further 200 prisoners and seven guards at the Renchbeng prison in the Shandong province gave a positive test for the novel coronavirus.

The secretary of the department of justice along with seven other prison officials has been removed. A total of 2,077 individuals at the prison have been screened for COVID-19. A further 34 Chinese prisoners were confirmed with the virus at the facility Zhejiang, as well as in the east, including 27 new confirmed cases.

Meanwhile, the South Korean health officials confirmed 204 recent coronavirus cases. South Korea is one of the most affected countries outside the Chinese mainland. These cases up by 48 between the duration of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m which included a further 42 cases linked to the Shincheonji Church in the Daegu, up from the 33 cases reported earlier by the Korean Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to the Agence France-Presse news agency, a 61 years old woman, a member of the church who was also regarded as a cult by some people caught the fever and went to four different services before diagnosing with the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

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In which officials have described coronavirus as the super-spreading problem. The Daegu’s municipal government has ordered the 1,001 members of the Shincheonji church to self-quarantine.

The church branch in Daegu has been closed and the services in the other regions would be conducted at home or online. The founder of the church, Lee Man-hee claims to be the ‘promised pastor’ as mentioned in the Bible.

The professor of veterinary epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh, Rowland Kao said that the super spreader can be anyone who is able to spread the infection to the high number of other people under normal circumstances. Being a super spreader might be due to a person having a high titer of virus and shedding high quantities resulting in massive potentially infectious contacts.

He said that it is important to trace the contacts of the woman to determine if it may explain the high number of infected cases.


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