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The National Council for Behavioural Health in Line to Get a $100 Million Grant

The National Council for Behavioral Health has submitted the highest-scoring ambitious proposal in the global competition for 100 million grant. It is among 100 finalists of the 100&Change competition by MacArthur Foundation for a $100 million grant to solve the critical social challenges in the world.

The National Council for Behavioral Health is the unifying voice of American health care organizations which delivers medical treatment and other services for mental health and addiction. The National Council has introduced Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and 2 million people in America have been trained.

The proposal by the National Council focuses on the mental health of young Americans. The number of young people who are struggling with the mental health issues and addiction is higher than at any other point the history of America so the need for proven solutions for these issues is clear.

100&Change is a distinctive competition which is open to all organizations and collaborations working anywhere around the world. The proposals should identify the problem and offer a promising solution that offers durable and significant change.

The National Council will empower the young generation with the skills to recognize the issue, talk about it and seek help and care for mental health and addiction issues by expanding the access to the training, Mental Health First Aid which is internationally recognized. The council will provide clinical support by expanding the availability of Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) nationwide to the people who need clinical care.

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The top 100 finalists of the competition represent the top 21% of the submissions. The submitted proposals were vetted rigorously and reviewed by the initial administration of MacArthur. The proposals were evaluated by the panel of external judges and also undergone thorough technical review by the specialists.

Each proposal was keenly evaluated by using four criteria: evidence-based, impact, durable and feasible. The Board of Directors of MacArthur will select 10 finalists from these submitted high-scoring ambitious proposals.

The President and CEO of National Council, Chuck Ingoglia said that their proposal will surely impact the mental wellbeing of not just current generation but also of those who follow. He said that increase in the awareness about the mental health and addiction, the skillset of the youngsters and adults using MHFA, will shift the tides towards the better understanding and connecting in areas where young people reside, work, learn and play. He added that they are investing in their communities to provide care for youngsters by scaling quality and evidence-based facilities to help the young generation through CCBHC.

The CEO of Lever for Change, Cecilia Conrad who is the Managing Director of MacArthur, 100&Change said that MacArthur aims to generate more recognition, exposure and aid for the high-impact proposals designated as the Top 100. She said that based on the experience in the first round of the competition, they knew that it will bring multiple compelling and fundable proposals. She added that they are committed to matching philanthropists with the powerful problem-solvers and solutions to accelerate social change.

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Since the initial competition, other philanthropists and funder have committed the additional $419 million to support the bold solutions by the applicants. On the success of this 100&Change competition, MacArthur has created the Lever for Change for unlocking significant philanthropic capital by helping the donors to fund high-impact opportunities through the management of such customised competitions. In addition to this competition, Lever for Change is also managing the Economic Opportunity Challenge, Chicago Prize and the Laser Lam ICONIQ Impact Award.


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