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Saudi Arab is Helping China to Control Coronavirus Outbreak

his Thursday Saudi Arabia has signed six contracts with China for providing medical help in controlling coronavirus  (COVID-19) outbreak. The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) is supervising the provision of assistance in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia.

This project will provide 1159 medical devices to Chinese hospital which include non-invasive ventilators, ultrasound machines, defibrillators, infusion pumps, monitors, continuous renal replacement therapy and injection pumps. Isolation suites and medical protective masks will also be provided including N95 masks (300,000) and other material that is used in such situations.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah who is the general supervisor of KSRelief said that these initiatives build a strong bond between China and Saudi Arabia. The United Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stands with the communities of the countries that face severe crises. It is always targeting to provide stability and sustainable development across the world.

Al Rabeeah further told an Arab news channel that the total six agreements signed on the request of the Chinese government which provides all the medical devices such as diagnostic equipment, preventive supplies, curative and protective clothes.

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 He said that the response of King Salman is very quick for providing all medical supplies within a very short time span when the other countries were unable to do so. Hopefully, the items will be delivered within five days to China.

On 10 February, King Salman ordered KSRelief to arrange all the services for fighting against the infection that could help and give immediate support to the authorities in China.

According to the Saudi Ministry of Health (MoH), no case of novel coronavirus has been confirmed in Saudi Arabia. To prevent the virus entry in the Kingdom, precautionary measures are implemented at airports and seaports.

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A Chinese Ambassador Chen Weiqing emotionally addressed to Saudi Arabia that I am too grateful for this favor, as Chinese people put their substantial efforts for fighting against the virus outbreak i.e. Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP). This is a very critical time for China and at this moment a supporting call from KING Salman gives strength to the nation. The president directed the KSRelief for providing emergency medical support to China.

He further added that for combating the outbreak this aid will surely look like timely rain for our country. The provision of medical services empowers the medical staff and patients in the Wuhan city and other affected areas. This shows the real friendship of China with Saudi Arabia.

He put emphasizes that it is time for all the countries to act in the best interests and come up with unity as an international community. In this modern world of globalization, public health security is essential destiny for all humanity. He said that the best way to face the disease challenges is to do it with solidarity.



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