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Four New Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus and All are Linked to the British ‘Super Spreader’

Furious locals in coronavirus-hit Brighton are accusing the government of keeping them in dark and hiding information about coronavirus after knowing that two of the eight Britons cases are of healthcare workers who were working at doctor’s surgery.

Patients who visited County Oak Medical Centre are being traced urgently as four patients in Brighton were diagnosed with the deadly coronavirus over the weekend.

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The County oak medical center is closed, sealed off for an ‘urgent operational health and safety reason’.

Image courtesy: Daily Mail

The infected doctors have been known contacts of British super spreader, feared to have further infected at least 11 people with the highly contagious coronavirus. Super spreader is a Brit businessman in his fifties. He belongs to Hove.

He picked up the virus in Singapore and flew to France, prompting the emergency screening of hundreds of people on his flight, his local pub staff, and Alpine ski break and the yoga class in Hove.

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However, the National Health Service refused to share any details about the two recently infected medics, several people they were in contact with at work or whether they are linked with the ‘super spreader’ on a skiing holiday in late January.

Furious locals have accused the government of keeping them in the dark by saying try to ‘limit panic.

Shaun Wright said that it looks like the government is hiding information to limit panic, instead of informing the public correctly about the infected person and where the person has been.

Another commented that apparently, it seems that information is being drip-fed by the NHS and people are left to join the dots.

The movements of the so far infected people have not been documented or shared publicly. Since it has been recently established in China that the incubation period for novel coronavirus is up to 24 days, the possibility of further spread is real.

Image courtesy: Daily Mail

Dr. Catriona Saynor, the owner of the Alps ski chalet where the UK’s ‘super spreader’ stayed, was the partner at the Brighton Surgery until last summer but works as a locum. She is believed to be infected with the highly contagious coronavirus and under treatment at the Royal Free Hospital, London.

The medical center has been shut and the team is working and cleaning the GP surgery areas where Dr. Saynor once worked and returned as a locum ‘from time to time’. Her husband Bob, an environmental consultant and a nine-year-old son are placed in quarantine in a French hospital after picking up the virus from her guest from Hove.

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It is feared that staff members of County Oak came into contact with UK’s super spreader and later worked the admin day at the surgery but she didn’t see any patient during that time.

The medical director, Yvonne Doyle at the Public Health England said that all four recent cases are closely linked to one another. She said their priority is to speak to those who are in close and sustained contact with the confirmed cases to advise them about the ways to limit the further spread of highly contagious coronavirus.

Police will be able to force people to remain in quarantine units if they commit and offense or leave. The new rule comes after England announced its fifth, sixth, seventh and eight new cases of the coronavirus on Brighton.


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