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Lauryn Goodman Reveals a Closely Guarded Secret of her Unborn Child’s Paternity

Model Lauryn Goodman has revealed that England footballer Kyle Walker is the father of her unborn baby.

A 29 years old social media star Lauryn Goodman announced her pregnancy a month ago but kept the identity of her baby’s father under wraps, until now.

Image courtesy: Daily Mail

Lauryn said she decided to reveal this secret for stopping all the speculation related to the father’s identity once and for all. She claimed of being harassed over her unborn baby’s paternity so she speaks out to end all the assumptions.

Image courtesy: Daily Mail

Kyle Walker, a national footballer who represented Premier League club Manchester City, had been in a long term relationship for about 10 years with Annie Kilner before their separation 11 months ago. He met Annie Kilner when he was 18 and playing at Sheffield United which is his hometown, while the model Lauryn was just 16 at that time.

Image courtesy: Daily Mail

Their relationship ended in April 2019 when he was blamed for romping with Laura Brown, the star of Ex On The Beach, in his £200,000 Bentley. Lauryn claims their relationship started shortly afterwards.

Lauryn revealed that she was being harassed as rumours and gossips were circulating and she wanted to stop them. She shared that she is expecting Kyle’s baby in April and it was conceived during their splitting period from previous partners. She added this is the last time she commented on her baby’s paternity and she will only be sharing her positive journey going ahead.

Shortly after her announcement, a source claimed that she was friends with her baby’s father for years before this relationship. They decided to go back to being friends before knowing about their child in November. They started spending more time together during the low point of their lives but they eventually decided to return to being pals.

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Lauryn maintains that they both were single during their brief relationship, was not dating anyone last summer.

The source said both of them were feeling low and began to speak more frequently and acting as support for each other. They hooked up a few times but decided not to ruin their long friendship and chose to be just friends.

While Kyle has not yet commented on this and shared no detail about their unborn baby.

It was reported that she discovered her pregnancy on a routine checkup and she immediately knew the father name. She shared the news last month and shared on Instagram that she previously been told that she wouldn’t be able to conceive a baby naturally and now she is overjoyed to become a mother.

She wrote on Instagram that she has finally managed to become pregnant unexpectedly and naturally. 

Lauryn also shared the health problems that she has diagnosed with endometriosis and polycystic ovaries. She has undergone two surgeries to burn away endometriosis. She detailed about her health issues and about being told that she won’t be able to conceive naturally and needed to induce menopause while risking her ovaries.

She shared discovering her pregnancy during kidney and bladder scan. She showed gratitude and excitement for having a baby. They are determined to ensure that their baby is loved.


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