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China Order Officials to Put Suspected Coronavirus Patients in Quarantine

The Chinese government has ordered to isolate suspected coronavirus patients along with their close contacts and round up them in mass quarantine camps.

Vice Premier, Sun Chunlan called this epidemic a ‘wartime condition’ and demanded communist officials to take the active lead against the fast-spreading coronavirus epidemic that has killed approximately 638 people and infected above 31,520 people globally. She urged officials to fight or become ‘nailed onto the pillar of historical shame forever’.

Wuhan has approximately 14 million residents but the number of people who would be quarantined and where they would be placed remains unknown.

Officials are currently carrying door-to-door health checkups to identify the coronavirus carriers who need to be isolated. Beijing ordered to place people suffering from a fever in quarantine camps.

The authorities in China have developed medics, volunteers, security guards and even robots for monitoring the body temperature of citizens. Many cities in China urged their residents to wear face masks to avoid and stop the spread of life-threatening coronavirus.

Image courtesy: Daily Mail

China’s central government has ordered mandatory isolation of four types of people residing in Wuhan which include confirmed cases, suspected ones, people having close contact with the former two, and those having a fever. China demanded to put them in quarantine stations.

Image courtesy: Daily Mail

Ms. Sun has called on a ‘people’s war’ against the epidemic and instructed all officials to treat this battle against the coronavirus outbreak as the most important and urgent mission.

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She said there must a 24-hour shift pattern and there should not be any deserters during this wartime condition. The communist leader instructed the government to send workers to every house to note the body temperature of the entire family member for blocking the source of this deadly outbreak.

Wuhan has recently built two dedicated hospitals to deal with coronavirus epidemic and converted dozens of exhibition centers and sports halls into makeshift wards. Infected patients are taken to these makeshift hospitals.

A doctor, Dr. Li Wenliang died of this coronavirus after acquiring the infection from a patient. He had been punished by the police in charge of warning about ‘SARS at a Wuhan Market’ on social media.

The deadly coronavirus epidemic has so far caused 630 deaths and infected approximately 28,000 people in 28 different countries around the world but 99% of them have been in China.

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Chinese experts say the difficulty in containing the coronavirus is that several patients are having mild cold-like symptoms which can quickly become deadly and they don’t even know they are having the infection.

The outbreak has provoked the World Health Organization to declare this a global health emergency, several countries to impose travel restrictions and airlines to suspend different flights coming and going from China.

National Health Commission reported 73 recent death and around 3,143 confirmed cases over the night. The number of infected people has soared since the end of last month. The true toll is expected to be relatively higher as many people who have mild symptoms never get diagnosed.


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