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13 Years Old Girl Pregnant With Her 10 Years Old Boyfriend Becomes a Social Medial Influencer

Daria Sudnishnikova, the 13 years old Russian girl and a mother to be are amazed to see her huge fan following on social media, ever since she broke the news of her pregnancy with her followers. This baby belongs to her 10 years old boyfriend who studies in grade four.

The Russian girl has decided to be a social media influencer and is currently looking for online sponsors. It seems like the unusually young mommy to be is thrilled to see her popularity which rocketed after she shared her pregnancy story with the 10 years old father to be, boyfriend.

The schoolgirl lives in the Serbian town of Zheleznogorsk and she currently studies in grade seven. Her boyfriend and father of the unborn baby goes to school with her and is currently studying in grade four.

Image courtesy: Daily Mirror UK

When she announced her pregnancy, she was 13 years old, however, the girl initially reported as Daria “Dasha” Rubchinskaya but later identified as Daria “Dasha” Sudnishnikova has now turned 14 years old.

The story of this 13 years old girl’s pregnancy has caught the attention of international media and after that, Daria is all set to use her newfound popularity and fame to build her a social media fan following. While sharing her pictures and videos with her viewers on her social handles, she uses a hashtag saying ‘Pregnant at 13’ on almost her all posts.

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The local media reported that the schoolgirl turned mommy to be is trying to use her online traffic on social media accounts to turn into something productive by turning into an online ‘influencer’ and currently she is looking for brands to sponsor her.

The young girl’s mother Elena is diagnosed with terminal cancer. However, she shares that she is hopeful to overcome her disease and be there for her young pregnant daughter wherever she needs her mother.

Image courtesy: Daily Mirror UK

She says; “Initially, we thought she had food poisoning, but slowly we started to realize that whatever was happening had nothing to do with her belly. We then bought a pregnancy test and it showed up positive.”

Elena also shared that she never recommended Daria to go through an abortion, despite her circumstances. She further added that she was concerned that she might not be able to give kids in later years of life if she went through this abortion.

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“Now I have a reason to live,” says Elena. Despite the terminal stage cancer, Elena hops to be around her pregnant daughter as long as she can and take care of the newborn baby in the future.



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