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China is Being Isolated by the World over the Deadly Coronavirus Outbreak

Chinese coronavirus is still not under control and it is continuously affecting more and more people every day. The case fatality rate (CFR) of 2019-nCoV is estimated at around 2% reported by the World Health Organization. The disease outbreak report is now replaced with the daily situation report. According to the latest report, among the confirmed cases 17% are categorized as severe and 80 fatalities were reported in China.

The outbreak of novel coronavirus is largely centered in a province, Hubei. 60.5% of all the confirmed cases in China have been reported from Hubei. The rest 39.5% of cases have been reported from 33 different regions, cities and provinces. The second huge number of cases (599 cases) has been reported from Zhejiang. 132 cases were identified and reported outside of China. The travel history of 101 cases showed that they traveled to China in the last 14 days before the onset of their illness. 

The death toll has risen to 259 due to the Chinese coronavirus epidemic. China is facing deepening isolation because of this epidemic. The United States and Australia are on the top among the growing list of nations who have imposed extraordinary travel bans of Chinese. 

With Russia, Sweden, and Britain among the countries who have confirmed the first infections. The governments are implementing strict bans and limiting their exposure as this virus has spread to more than two dozen countries.

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United States

Tough quarantine measures have been adopted across China, a day after when the United States barred the foreigners who had visited China within the last two weeks. The health Secretary Alex Azar said foreign nationals; excluding permanent residents and immediate family of American citizens will be banned from entering into the United States. The emergency declaration by the United States also required 14-day isolation and strict health screening of the Americans coming back from China.


Australia is barring the entry of non-citizens coming from China; whereas Australian nationals who had just visited China are required to go into two weeks self-isolation.


Vietnam has suspended all the flights from the Chinese mainland.


Russia announced halting visa-free tourism for the Chinese citizens and not issuing them work visas. 

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Other countries

Similar restrictions have been announced by many other countries including, Singapore, Italy and Mongolia.

The United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and other countries had advised their nationals to avoid travelling to China.

A day after the State Department of the US ordered the employee at the embassy to evacuate family members who are under the age 21, Britain also announced that it is withdrawing the diplomatic staff and their families from China.

Thousands of medical workers in Hong Kong voted for a four-day strike to force the government for closing their border with the Chinese mainland to stop the further spread of the virus.

The WHO declared this outbreak a global emergency but warned about closing borders that it is probably ineffective in stopping the transmission and can accelerate the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. However, the authorities around the world are already implementing strict preventive measures.


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