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Russia is Closing its International Border with China Over Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus is still out of control and many countries are taking preventive measures on their own to control its spread. Yesterday, Russia has declared that it is closing its border temporarily to prevent coronavirus spread in Russia. Also, it has discontinued issuing an electronic Russian visa to Chinese citizens.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin shared in a meeting that this order has been already signed and is a part of a process “to take measures to close the border (with China) in the Far East”.

He said; “We have to do everything to protect our people.” This Russian government order would be imposed from today making every type of cross border travel is temporarily suspended.

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The Russian foreign ministry declared that the electronic visas to Russia would also be suspended for some time. These e-visas are easy to get and allow Chinese citizens to cross the border and travel to the Far East and western areas of Russia.

The Russian government has warned its citizens against this new Chinese coronavirus that has now become a global epidemic. This lockdown of the border in an attempt to control the viral spread since there are currently no preventive plans developed and issued by any government or organization.

Although there are no more cases of coronavirus reported in Russia there is a set up established in Moscow to control the possible viral spread. This mysterious Chinese coronavirus was originated from Wuhan city of China and it has killed more than 170 people till the date.

While many countries are airlifting their citizens from China and closing borders with China, there are many countries that are failing to design a control strategy. The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) which operates as an independent body under the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank acknowledges the efforts done by different countries to control the epidemic.

In an official statement, it shared that

“The Board, however, is concerned that many countries remain unprepared and urges leaders in all countries to take immediate action to ensure that they have the necessary capacities in place.”

It also said that “All countries and local governments, including those that have not yet been affected, must urgently dedicate resources to building their essential preparedness capacities.”

World Health Organization (WHO) has recently held a meeting to overview this outbreak and to determine whether or not it is a global emergency. The Chinese coronavirus has taken 170 lives and more than 8000 people are infected only in China. There are reported cases in various other countries like North Korea, France, Germany, Thailand, Hong Kong, and others.

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Initially considered as SARS, this mysterious coronavirus has no vaccine or specific treatment till the date. The coronavirus’s medicines and vaccine development would take a hefty amount of money, as per GPMB.

The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) has called public and private sector institutes and research centers to coordinate and work into developing a vaccine, medicine and diagnostic tools for Chinese coronavirus.



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