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The United States and Other Nationals prepare evacuation of their citizens out of Wuhan

The United States and many other nations set to airlift citizens from Wuhan city as a new coronavirus outbreak has killed above 100 people.

Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam said this will cut rail links to China and halve the flight numbers as authorities sought to stop the spread of this virus. The confirmed cases have been increased and reach to above 4,500.

The government of the United States charted a plane to airlift American graduates in Wuhan, the city where outbreak appeared, and other Americans. The United States Embassy said that before flying to Ontario, the plan will have refueling stop in Alaska.

A Japanese chartered Boeing Airplane departed from Wuhan city, Wuhan to evacuate its citizens. South Korea also decided to send a plan there. Mongolia, France and some other governments have also planned citizen evacuations.

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China has fully cut off access to the city in central China, Wuhan and other 16 cities in province Hubei for preventing people from spreading the coronavirus. This lockdown has trapped above 50 million people.

The Japanese flight also bringing around 20,000 face masks and protective gear to supply as hospitals are battling with an increasing number of patients. The city is constructing two hospitals in 10 days to add above 2,000 beds.

Health officials of the United States recommended people to avoid non-important travel to any city of China, instead of just Wuhan and other most affected areas. They recommended not traveling to any part of this country.

The global economic impact by the virus has dragged down the Asian stock markets; they have descended for a second day.

The death toll of China has risen to 106 because of this viral outbreak.

According to the National Health Commission, there were 1,771 new confirmed cases in China, increasing the national total number to 4,515. It is reported that 976 people are in serious condition.

Virologist Malik Peiris at the University of Hong Kong said the sharp increase in the number of cases suggests the significant human-to-human transmission. It could be explained by expanding strict monitoring efforts.

Experts are worried about the mutation, that coronavirus can spread more easily than thought. The virus belongs to the corona family that causes the common cold and also serious illnesses like SARS.

Peiris who is also the advisor of the coronavirus emergency committee of the World Health Organization said that disease has not widely spread outside China by the people who brought the coronavirus from Wuhan.

Eight cases have been reported in Hong Kong and five cases in Macao and more than 45 have been confirmed in other countries in the world. All involve the tourists from mainland China or the people who visited Wuhan.

Infections have been confirmed in the United States, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Nepal, Germany, Australia, Canada, and Sri Lanka.

The five confirmed American cases include two in southern California and one in each of Washington State, Arizona and Chicago. These people had recently come back from central China.



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