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How this Mysterious Chinese Coronavirus Started? 

Coronavirus is causing a global health concern these days. It emerged from China and rapidly spread to many other countries in travelers, mostly. This RNA based, the crown-shaped virus was first seen in the 1960s but it never caused a serious health problem in humans before. Unfortunately, this new strain is one of the most severe viral endemics with no treatment drugs or vaccine available, for now.

Experts think that the novel virus is evolved from snakes and this virus causes pneumonia and has caused deaths in china. Over a dozen citizens of china have been killed by this virus so far.

In the U.K, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand over 17 deaths have been encountered and five hundred and fifty-five sickness reports have been observed. Coronavirus was observed first in Wuhan, the central city of China in December. Scientists have been putting up efforts to get to know about the evolution and characters of Coronavirus.

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The 1st report of the virus was found in the Hubei Province City among individuals who contributed to a market of seafood. This market sells live animals. The perspective of the scientists contemporized as they get to know about virus nature and deduced that it is a zoonotic virus that transfers from animals to humans.

A professor, Paul Hunter at the U.Ks Norwich School of Medicine described that the virus source is not obvious and may fail to be completely valid. He reported that the strains of this virus were observed even before the outbreak in snakes and bats. The strains are similar in both bats and snakes. Strains of viruses found in humans are similar to strains of snakes.

Hunter revealed that to get to know about virus source, the gene sequence of the virus was compared with the already existing viruses by the experts and this is the best way to get the evidence. The virus can be isolated from animals used as a source of food but animals infected from this particular virus are used up for a long time.

The origin of this virus is not the main problem but its spread in the population is the main question. Recently some videos have been seen showing bats as a food source but hunter revealed that virus is not likely to be present in cooked food, hence cooked food is not a virus source.

Raw food may be a source of the virus. Production of aerosols while preparing food and during administration and slaughtering of animals can be considered as the main transmission source because it would contaminate surfaces and be inhaled by the people in surroundings.

The deaths caused by the recent outbreaks of coronavirus are comparatively less than the deaths caused by other viruses (MERS caused 450 deaths while deaths caused by SARS are about 800). Likewise, regular infection of influenza can cause tens of thousands of death and sometimes even more.

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The strains involved in the last 2 outbreaks were more deadly as compared to the new strain and still, there are chances of mutation. In the early days, the progress of outbreaks is not obvious that’s why new outbreaks are so alarming. Seriousness regarding the outbreak is highly needed because the outbreak may become pandemic over time.

2019-nCoV belongs to the Coronaviridae family. It can cause both mild and severe conditions ranging from cold to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

Dr. Andrew Freedman revealed that high mutation chances permit the transfer of infection to other species. The death rate caused by 2019-nCoV is less as compared to SARS and shows that it has less virulence.

Immuno-depressed people are at risk of getting mild infections. A further mutation may turn it over more contagious and increase the virulence of the virus.



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