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Countries with Reported Cases of Coronavirus List

The new strain of Chinese coronavirus is in headlines and for the wrong reasons. It is spreading to many cities of China and reportedly to the other countries of the world. Started from a local seafood market from Wuhan, it has now spread to many countries causing more than 80 deaths and approximately 2800 reported cases. Almost all these countries have declared a national health crisis and advised all its citizens not to travel to Wuhan city, China.

World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a statement on possible causes and outlook of this new disease. However right now is too early to declare it as a “public health crisis” at the international level, it says.

Countries that have confirmed the cases of Chinese coronavirus in their territories include the following.


Australia has reported at least five cases of coronavirus from China. One of them is a 21-year old girl who traveled from Wuhan to Sydney, only one day before China to declare an international travel ban. Other cases include a middle-aged man from Melbourne who traveled from China to Melbourne a week ago and three men from Sydney. All of these patients are currently under treatment at various local hospitals.


Till the date, China has reported nearly 4,515 confirmed cases of coronavirus and most of them are within Wuhan city. More than 100 people have lost their lives to the deadly coronavirus. The Chinese health officials have locked more than 60 million people under a complete or partial lockdown in major Chinese cities.

Image courtesy- CDC


Coronavirus has been reported in France, making it the first country in Europe with reported cases. This first case was 48 years old guy in Bordeaux who happened to be recently traveling to Wuhan, the epicenter of this viral outbreak. The other two viral affected persons were from Paris and were relatives of each other.

These two patients also traveled to China when this outbreak started. French health minister shared a statement that the health department is surveying all people who were close with these affected people for coronavirus screening.

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The health ministry of Japan confirms four cases of coronavirus including one woman. All of these people visited China before exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus. All these reported cases visited Wuhan and only one middle-aged man was a Chinese resident and was on a visit to Japan.


At least 4 people in Malaysia have been confirmed with coronavirus and all of them were Chinese nationals from Wuhan, who came here to celebrate the Chinese new year. These patients include a 40-year old man, a 66- year old woman and two young boys age 2 and 11 respectively. Somehow, all of these people are interrelated. They are currently medication at local hospitals but kept under isolation.


Nepal is the newest addition to this list where a 32-year-old man who returned from Wuhan has recently been diagnosed with the Chinese coronavirus. This man was diagnosed and given basic medical care. He is now discharged but this case has alerted the government for keeping a check on all passengers coming from China to Nepal.

South Korea

There are three confirmed patients of Chinese coronavirus in South Korea, one of which is a 55 years old man who traveled from Wuhan to South Korea lately. The number is increasing and right now, 15 people are under inspection for the virus.

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Five cases in Taiwan have been reported and all of them had recently traveled to Wuhan in Hubei, China. These cases have altered the health officials and they have regulated coming passengers to declare health status.


The diagnosed cases in Thailand have crossed fourteen in number. Thai health minister Anutin Charnvirakul shared that these patients are currently receiving required treated and some of them have already recovered and discharged.


Five cases in the USA have been reported and many are under suspicion. All travelers from Wuhan are under health screening to detect more infected patients.


Two cases of Wuhan travelers in Vietnam have been reported positive for the Chinese coronavirus and nearly 13 and under observation. However, Vietnamese health officials confirmed that they are stable now.




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