Is It impossible To Get Rid Of Obesity? Research Explains 

For most people, weight loss seems like an impossible goal to achieve. They do everything to get rid of the fat layers around the body that includes extreme diets, strict exercise, fat burners, and whatnot. But sometimes it seems like weight loss is impossible for them.

A study published in “Obesity”  has discussed some of the most efficient strategies and psychological tricks for maintaining lost weight included choosing healthy food, tracking what you eat and using positive self-talk.

WW International Inc has found the best way to sustain weight loss. The most efficient way to maintain weight is attained by tracing the food eaten every day.

The study by Cal Poly found that the primary scheme to reduce and maintain weight can only gain by following a very good diet plan and self-examination. By following these strategies weight can be maintained.

It also revealed some psychological schemes and efficient ways of adopting a healthy diet plan, having a check on the items available in all the three meals of the day and a positive state of mind to attain normal weight.

Weight Watchers performed a survey on five thousand people and found an average loss of almost fifty pounds and maintain their weight for more than 3 years by checking the schemes to manage weight.

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For more effective results researchers contrasted that group with a control group. The control group contained more than five hundred obese people. For about 5 years, the members of the control group had not gained or lost more than 5 pounds in weight.

Fifty-four behaviors were observed by the researchers affiliated with the management of weight. The group of people who maintained their weight loss was contrasted with the list of individuals with stable weight.

Category of people who maintained their weight loss described the commonly used ways like choosing a proper diet plan, noting the food eaten, feeling the old successes and positive thinking about weight. It was found that the weight loss maintaining group built-in the behavior of thinking and eating with time.

A Public Health Professor, Suzanne Phelan found that frequent use of healthy foods in the diet plan is the best way to successfully maintain weight loss.

When people long for healthier choices those choices become obvious over time and the findings of the study help individuals aiming at maintaining their weight loss. Maintaining weight loss becomes lenient demanding less purposive efforts with time.

In the U.S approximately thirty-two percent (1 out of 3) persons are overweight and forty percent (2 out of 5) individuals are obese observed by the nation’s principal health statistics agency. Rate of diabetes, some cancers and heart diseases increase with obesity

Obesity and overweight are considered similar. BMI is a measurement of person weight based on body fat concerning age and height. Body Mass Index gives rise to the difference between obesity and overweight.

Generally, thirty Body Mass Index of a person is considered obese, while 25-29.9 Body Mass Index of a person is considered overweight

The healthy diet plan has many benefits and Phelan found that following a healthy diet plan helps to successfully maintain weight loss. Quality of life is very important to lose weight.

The study observed that a good quality of life assists to lose weight successfully and acts as a great motivation for individuals aiming at maintaining weight for a long time.













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