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Shocking Case of Toxic Shock Syndrome by Using Menstrual Cup

A woman underwent feet and fingers amputation due to the toxic shock syndrome acquired by using a menstrual cup. The life-threatening and severe condition caused by the harmful bacteria which enters the body by using menstrual products like cup or tampon. Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is caused by the toxins released by bacteria.

A 36 years old lady, Sandrine Garneau reported about her illness. She said that a light stomach pain became intense. The doctor visited and diagnosed with kidney stones. The next day, the doctor checked her blood pressure and it dropped so low that he admitted her to a hospital.

The doctor realized that she had developed toxic shock syndrome as her skin turned to bright red. The bacteria caused septicemia and released toxins which damaged her lungs, kidneys, and liver.

She spent almost three weeks in the intensive care unit. Doctors cut her 18 bones of hands but luckily they were able to save one bone in every finger.

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Garneau spent the next three weeks recovering in intensive care. Surgeons had to cut 18 bones out of her hand but were able to save one in each finger.

During her suffering, she founded Dans Mes Baskets, which provides financial and emotional support to people who had amputations because of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) and also spread awareness.

Anyone can acquire this condition but it is mostly associated with the application of menstrual products. toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is mostly caused by the Streptococcus pyogenes or Staphylococcus aureus and sometimes others may also cause it. It affects menstruating women typically those who use menstrual cups or super-absorbent tampons.

Its signs and symptoms can escalate fastly which include, rash, peeling skin, sore throat, headache, cold and body aches. Sometimes cause diarrhea, a rash resembling with sunburn. Diagnosis is typically based on the sign and symptoms.

The person suffering from this condition have bright red lips, tongue and the white area of the eye also turn red. A sufferer may experience acute illness, dizziness, and breathing problem, feel confused, high fever or may get faint. In rare cases, the sufferer may have developed a wound that looks non-infected.

Health professionals at the National Health Service (NHS) said that even though these symptoms are unlikely caused by toxic shock syndrome (TSS), they must not be ignored at any cost.

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 Treatment may include antibiotics and intravenous fluids as well to avoid dehydration or avoid organ damage, and drugs for managing blood pressure. In the United States, around 0.8 to 3.4 individual per 100,000 develops this condition. The prevalence rate is more in developing countries.

The easiest way to avoid toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is not to avoid using menstrual cups and tampons or but to use them correctly. Avoid super-absorbent tampons and prefer low absorbent ones. Change after every four to eight hours and give your vagina a break.

The decrease in the incidence rate of menstrual toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is linked with less use of menstrual cups and super-absorbent tampons. The reports concluded that this condition led away to incite public health interventions and showed the prevention from the substantial morbidity.



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