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 A New Vaccine to Prevent Lyme Disease in Humans is Under Development

Researchers are focused and making potential efforts for the development of an anti-Lyme disease vaccine to prevent human infections transmitted by the ticks. They are making efforts to break the infection cycles among ticks and wild animals.

The researchers at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station has lately completed a study that provided the food pellets with vaccine coating on them to the mice trapped in the 32 homes in Redding.

The key is looking for a way to inject the specially made vaccine in deer mice, carriers by which the bacteria causing Lyme disease get into the ticks which eventually cause infection in humans.

Researchers reported a drop of 26 percent in the number of disease-infected mice trapped in homes in Redding. Less infected mice show fewer infections in the ticks which bite these mice and then later infect humans by biting them and transfer disease to them.

The agricultural scientist Scott William said that the field trial intended to reduce infection by targeting the reservoir of Lyme disease bacteria 

The researcher at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, the state entomologist, Kirby Stafford III said that that less infected ticks ultimately mean less infection overall in the field. He said that the repeated vaccine applications to the wild mice generation would show long-term greater reductions in the incidence of ticks infected with Lyme disease bacteria; Borrelia Burgdorferi. With the application of vaccines, the decrease in incidence rate would be much greater year-to-year.

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One of the researchers at the US Biologic, Jolieke van Oosterwijk agreed to this and said that the use of the vaccine will show an added effect yearly.

US Biologic is currently seeking regulatory approval for the sale of the anti-Lyme disease food pellets to the public but the officials of the company declined the speculation about the approvals.

The associate professor and an immunologist Maria Gomes-Solecki originally developed the mouse vaccine. The project of US Biologic is to use the vaccine in the food pallets so it could be used widely without any kind of controversy related to human vaccines.

The vice president of US Biologic Chris Przybyszewski said that they are quickly going through the process and looking forward to the marketing of this specially developed vaccine and to make it available for the people.

There are various queries about this approach to combat Lyme disease. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has listed the Lyme disease as the most common illness by the infected ticks or fleas. According to the estimate of the federal officials almost 329, 000 Americans contract Lyme disease every year.

The most common reservoir, white-footed mice is the common way by which the disease bacteria transmitted to the ticks. Shrews, birds, and chipmunks also carry the Lyme disease bacteria and transfer it to the ticks.

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Many people associate the deer ticks which transmit Lyme disease to humans with the inhabitance of whitetail deer which is wrong. According to experts deer are not carriers of the bacteria which cause Lyme disease.

Ticks when biting the white-footed mice or other small rodents get infected with the Lyme disease bacteria. For reproduction, ticks need a large blood meal and they mostly get it from deer.

The huge number of wild mice and large deer populations contributes to the higher number of ticks transmitting Lyme disease.

But different lawsuits were filed which claim that the vaccine caused joint inflammation and some other problems. Resulting news coverage and bad publicity result in the withdrawal of the vaccine from the market.



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