Kastner North America starts a new campaign to improve verbal communication with Alzheimer patients

Kastner North America, an advertising agency in Los Angeles that has launched a new campaign for Alzheimer’s patients. A detailed report is published today in Los Angeles, which explains the concept of this campaign. The campaign seems to be very impactful and beneficial for the client through creating and releasing of “Beautiful Minds: The Art of Fighting Alzheimer’s”.   This is a coloring book specially designed for Alzheimer patients and is available for free. This coloring book provides a medium of expression for patients with Alzheimer’s who are unable to communicate verbally with the doctors and others. Beautiful Minds is launched in the market and is available now.

The Kastner North America collaborated with the National Alzheimer’s Foundation for allocating the parts of Beautiful Minds in the community.  Kastner is an independent, full-service ad agency at a global level. It has many offices including LA, Budapest, Milan, London, Madrid, and Frankfurt.

The agency is a group of individuals who do not stand by their status quo. They create misfits by putting their storytelling powers to sharpen the culture with each coming day. The agency co-created the iconic brand of this century Red Bull with the collaboration of an energy beverage company and reached the level of global media company having a relationship of more than 30 years.

It is estimated from the source Alzheimer Association that by the year 2050 the number of patients with Alzheimer’s in America will increase to 16 million. By keeping the research in mind, Kastner North America wants to help people with Alzheimer’s by creating new techniques and methods for treatment and diagnosis. The institute also wants to spread awareness in the community about the disease and support the patients for improving their lifestyles.

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For the perfect pitch of communication for Alzheimer’s many sketches are produced and most of them are rejected. 40 unused, uncolored drawings are re-proposed by the Kastner to create the Beautiful Minds for the Alzheimer’s. According to research, these coloring books are used as a form of expression by Alzheimer’s patients. It helps to improve the condition of their memory loss and impairs their motor neurological skills.

According to the words of Simone Nobili, the Creative Director of Kastner that at Kastner North American agency, we look at the world with a different point of view and work with distinctive skills. With each passing day, we used to tell the stories and sharpen the cultural environment by using our most creative capabilities. Despite having all these efforts some drawings do not hit the cutting room floor and are called a creative surplus.

With the thought of using the creative surplus for the meaningful purpose, we come up from the cutting room floor with unused and uncolored drawings and now find an opportunity to introduce it in the community ad world for sharing the creative abilities and skills with Alzheimer patients. And it is a really good experience.

Beautiful Minds: The Art of Fighting Alzheimer’s is a creative tool that helps the people who suffer from Alzheimer’s to quell aggression, ease agitation and improve their memory function.

For more information visit the Kastner site. And for receiving the copy of Beautiful Minds sign up by sending an email at beautifulminds@kastner.agency.




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