The Future of Mind-Controlling Prosthetic Technologies: Ossur and AMF Shakes Hand For a Better Future

CEO‘s of Alfred Mann Foundation (AMF) and Ossur recently have shaken hands for a better future in mind-controlling prosthetic technologies. Jon Sigurdsson, CEO of Ossur, has agreed to further put in the effort and develop the work of John Petrovich, CEO of AMF, which is, the implanted myoelectric sensor (IMES).

Through surgical processes, implanted myoelectric sensors are fitted in the muscle that directs the movement of artificial prosthetic limbs.

The implanted myoelectric sensors basically work on receiving signals by nearby muscle tissue and then transmitting it to the artificial prosthetic limb to make a movement as desired by the user. The fine technology used in artificial prosthetic limbs helps it work in a similar way as a real hand or leg do.

Ossur’s first artificial mind-controlling prosthetic technology was used in 2014 to arm military soldiers who lost their upper limbs during the war. It was the first time they evaluated implanted myoelectric sensors.

In 2015 again the mind-controlling prosthetic technology was used, however, this time, it was used in the lower limb of legs of two Iceland amputees. The implantation of IMES in the residual muscles allowed them to move their Ossur prosthetic leg as per their own desire.

The implanted myoelectric sensor is a connection between the neuromuscular junction and the prosthetic bionic limbs. As the learning process is a latent and continuous mechanism, both the users’ had real-time experience.

The implanted myoelectric sensor has also been used successfully in a pilot study, where it was responsible for controlling the whole prosthetic artificial arm in the amputees who went under muscle re-innervation (TMR) surgery.

“We are eager to further explore how the user-experience will evolve when amputees use our advanced Bionic prosthetic solutions along with this advanced sensor technology,” said Jon Sigurdsson, president, and CEO of Össur.

Ossur is a leading company in prosthetics and saving lives, without any cost. Its main aim is to target mobility and people who are struggling in their lives via the invention of new technologies. Ossur has mainly established its operations in Asia, America, and Europe.

“This agreement is another demonstration of our company’s continuing commitment to ongoing research and development in the field of advanced prosthetics, to help more people enjoy a life without limitations. Our Bionic products are truly ready to step into the future,” he said.

“We are proud to see our technologies taking a step towards the market, which is an essential part of our mission,” said John Petrovich, president, and CEO of the Alfred Mann Foundation.

The Alfred Mann Foundation is working to establish ease among people through commercializing advanced solutions for specific medical conditions. The Alfred Mann Foundation is currently working in collaboration with Ossur to work for the amputees.

“I can think of no better partner to carry on the future development of the IMES® system. Össur has the most extensive lineup of devices capable of using the system, and more importantly, they have the vision to see that mind control will be an important part of the future of bionic prosthetics.”

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