Global handwashing day highlights the importance of proper hand washing

According to the Global Hand Wash Organization, the world celebrates the global handwashing day on October 15, 2019. It promotes the importance of cleaning and washing hands for good health. The day is designed to increase the awareness in the people that how effective it is to wash your hands with soap.

Washing removes all harmful microorganisms from your hand and prevents infections and even fatal diseases. The day is important because it highlights the basic need for handwashing in our life that can reduce the higher risk of disease. Diseases affect one’s health, education, and economic status so by promoting handwashing and hygiene we can make our lives less venerable to health problems.

World handwashing day was first celebrated in 2008

Most of the diseases develop because we never learn good practices for washing hands in a proper way. There is more need for encouraging the habit of handwashing in kids. They play outside the house and involve in many of the outdoor games which make them more prone to get the load of microorganisms.

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So, to avoid any infectious disease in kids, handwashing must be done before and after playing, eating and studying, etc. Parents must teach them at a very younger age about washing the hand and how it will improve the quality of their life.

There are five different ways of developing the habit of handwashing in kids that don’t create a burden on them.

1: Create it as a fun activity for them

For children, Hand washing can be fun in various activities. It will encourage their habit. Make it to the part of their game so they will able to learn it faster. Provide them the soaps in different colors, adore and shapes to increase their interests. Teach them the correct way of handwashing.

2: give awareness about the diseases  

Tell them that if they don’t wash their hand it will put them at a higher risk of developing the disease and will lead to serious health problems. Explain to them the complete purpose of handing washing through an animated movie on the screen that increases their interest.

3: Teach them the right way of handwashing 

Give them a demo on how to properly wash your hand in a day. It will help us to fight against harmful bacteria or germs. Tell them the right timing of handwashing in the whole day like before and after meals, after playing, after dealing with their pets and after a coming back home from school or anywhere. Also, give them a company while washing hands.

Your hands can describe your health conditions. By seeing the color and observing the shape of nails you can learn about your health status.

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4: Make a routine of handwashing

Give them homework for washing hands least five times a day. It will help us to make a routine and develop a habit. Once they will learn it, it becomes part of their life.

5: Design a chart 

Make a chart for them with proper and necessary timings for hand washing. It will show them the importance of handwashing at that specific time.

These 5 ways will help the children and the adults to wash hands properly. Global handwashing day was introduced by a global handwashing partnership. The theme of world handwashing day 2019 was “Clean hands for all”. It was designed to test and create new ways of encouraging people to wash their hands with soap. This year 12 million children washed their hand in more than 70 countries



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