Worms Found in Broccoli Offered at Wingate University Cafeteria

Health officials have found worms in Broccoli offered at Wingate university cafeteria. That has urged the university to discontinue offering the vegetables.

Food hygiene wasn’t considered

Wingate University is a private school with around 3,600 students. And spread across three campuses. On Monday, the Union County Department of Environmental Health has given a report on the matter of food safety in one of its campuses.

According to the report, the student who complained last month about the vegetables also reported that the Wingate university cafeteria was serving diners with uncooked meat and the food that had touched the floor. Health officials said that an investigator visited the cafeteria on September 5.

He talked to the workers of the Aramark food service. And found no case of foodborne illness. But in its complaint investigation report, the health department has stated the presence of more worms in the broccoli. Whereas, the investigation team have also pulled the food items and contacted the vendor.

Union County officials have said that every worker at the Wingate university cafeteria was having training offered by the company. And according to the report, the training has covered the guidelines about food handling and final cook temperature.

According to WSOC reports, Aramark has decided to change its general manager after the emergence of complaints. Moreover, it has also determined to increase the staff by 40% and wash produce more. And it will also conduct a meeting to allow the groups of students to share their concerns.

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Other similar complaints against university cafeteria

After the visit of the health department at the cafeteria, two similar complaints were also made. In an original mail, a student stated that she and some other students have witnessed some shocking incidents. That have forced them to question the safety of foods offered to them.

According to the Union County documents, her complaint says that once she was waiting with her friends in the line at the grill. And they observed a worker serving a cheeseburger patty that had fallen onto the ground.

A parent reported another complaint. He said that the Wingate university cafeteria wasn’t keeping food at appropriate temperatures to prevent foodborne illness. Records show that the health department got the complaints days after the dining hall underwent the quarterly inspection on August 27.

And later, the cafeteria received so-called critical violations linked to proper cooling of chicken and offering paper towels near sinks. The cafeteria investigated is in the town of Wingate, nearly 30 miles southeast of Charlotte. And the record shows that in total it scored 95 points.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has also provided some basic guidelines related to food handling. It has stated that following these four steps in every process of food preparation can keep food safe.

Whereas, these steps include clean, separate, cook and chill. Clean – often washing hands and surfaces, separate – avoid cross-contamination, cook – till the right temperature, and chill – prompt refrigeration.




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