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Number of Deaths Due to Vaping Have Risen to 19 in the US

According to health authorities, the number of deaths due to vaping has risen to at least 19 in the United States. Whereas, more than 1,000 people have suffered lung injuries by using e-cigarettes.

A sharp rise in deaths due to vaping

Up till now, the officials haven’t identified the reason behind the outbreak that goes back to March. But they are pursuing several lines of investigation. Last month, the clinicians in North Carolina have given a report on this matter.  And indicated at the inhalation of fatty substances from aerosolized oils.

On the contrary, the latest study published by the Mayo Clinic has found that the lungs of such patients had been exposed to noxious fumes. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have also given a statement on this issue.

According to which a total of 1,080 people in 15 states have suffered because of vaping-related illnesses – with a jump of 275 since last week. And 18 deaths among these people are positively associated with vaping.

However, after the announcement of the first death in the state by the officials in Connecticut, the deaths due to vaping have increased to 19. The CDC has ascribed this sudden increase to recent reporting of previously identified patients and new patients becoming ill for the last two weeks.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary psychoactive substance in cannabis, with or without any nicotine products. 78% of the 578 patients interviewed reported using THC. Whereas, another 37% stated the exclusive use of these products.

Among these interviewers, about 70% are male and 80% have an age of less than 35. And 17% of them were using only nicotine products.

Anne Schuchat is a senior official with Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. She said that right now they have a feeling that there are a lot of nasty thinks in vaping products or e-cigarettes. That can cause different damages in the lungs.

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Need to ban E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are available in the U.S. since 2006. But still, it isn’t clear whether the outbreak started now, or some earlier cases were misdiagnosed.

Initially, e-cigarettes were considered as a smoking cessation device. However, they have rapidly become popular among teenagers. Preliminary official data for 2019 have shown more than 25% of high school children using e-cigarettes for the last 30 days.

Recently, e-cigarettes were taken as a less harmful substitute for smoking. As, they don’t contain the 7000 different chemicals present in cigarettes, among which dozens are capable of causing cancer.

As only one case of lung injury has shown up abroad, it makes the outbreak more mysterious. Canadian authorities have reported hospitalization of a youth in September. However, so far, no other countries have reported something similar. And political and public opinion seems to be hardening.

Banning e-cigarettes can decrease the number of deaths due to vaping. In September, the US Government announced the banning of flavored e-cigarette products in the coming months. That is more attractive for young people. Additionally, like the US state of Massachusetts, India has also issued a ban on such products.



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