Amy Schumer Posted About Her 10 Pounds Postpartum Weight Loss on Instagram

This Monday, Amy Schumer has posted on Instagram about her 10 lbs. of postpartum weight loss. Last week, Jessica Simpson went viral on the internet for her postpartum weight loss.

She told everyone about her 100 lbs. of weight loss six months after giving birth to her daughter. Now, Amy Schumer is making a similar announcement on Instagram while joking on Simpson’s post.

Amy’s post on Instagram after Simpson’s announcement went viral

Amy Schumer is an actress and a stand-up comedian. Nearly 5 months ago, she gave birth to her son – Gene Attell Fischer. Amy had a particularly complicated pregnancy. In which, she was suffering from a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum or severe vomiting and nausea.

On the contrary, she had never hold back when it comes to posting news. For instance, she even posted from her hospital bed to let her fans know about what was going on in her life.  Recently Amy reacted to Jessica’s post on Instagram. And placed an extreme Amy’s spin on it.

She posted a handful of photos and joked about the struggles that a new mom has to face. On Monday, she posted a picture of herself with her sister on the beach.

Whereas in that picture she was wearing a two-piece swimsuit, that consisted of a black crop-top along with a matching high-waisted bottoms. In the picture’s caption, she gave a shout out to Jessica Simpson. Where she wrote “Ok Simpson”. And added that she had lost 10 lbs. and 100 dollars to her sister while playing poker.

Moreover, about a year ago, in a shared Instagram caption, she wrote that she has hyperemesis and it blows. She also wrote about her being lucky for getting pregnant. But at the same time also said that this is some bullshit.

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Response on Amy’s Instagram post

Jessica Simpson is an American actress, singer, and fashion designer. Simpson, aged 39, flaunted about her 100 lbs. of weight loss on Instagram after giving birth to her third baby. She captioned her image as “6 months, A hundred pounds down”. On Amy’s Instagram post, she has given a cheeky reply. She said that you are hot, and size only matters while talking about men.

Amy continued sharing about her life on Instagram even five weeks after giving birth. And as for her most recent Instagram post, her fans are giving quite a positive response. They are loving her for her honesty about the postnatal body and no rush sentiments.

A commenter wrote and appreciated Amy about how she looks incredible after her body created another human. Another one said that they love Amy for being realistic and thanked her for presenting that postpartum weight loss isn’t immediate and that’s completely okay.


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