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Texas Mother Charged for Faking Her Son’s Medical Condition

Megan Gee – a Texas mother, was arrested and charged for faking the medical condition of her son. According to authorities, she made her healthy son eat by a feeding tube forced into his stomach. Whereas, this enforcement has caused serious harm to the body of this 4-year-old child.

The boy spent 33% of his life in medical setups without any reason

According to a police affidavit, they arrested Megan Gee last week. And charged her for faking the medical condition of her son. That has caused him to spend about 33% of his life in medical set-ups for no reason. Megan Gee is a resident of Wichita Fellas, Texas. And is considered as suffering from the Munchhausen syndrome.

The Munchhausen syndrome is a psychological state in which caretakers ascribe fake medical conditions to those in care. Authorities have told that Gee made her son take nearly 77 different types of medications. While, according to the report, she took her son to medical professionals for at least 227 times.

Gee started taking her son to medical facilities in Wichita Falls in January 2016. She took him to emergency rooms for diarrhea and vomiting. Whereas, the doctors stated that the boy never showed any sign of illness.

In the meantime, Gee also took her child to a hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. And told doctors there than her son was suffering from vomiting, constipation, and seizures. But doctors found no major problem after running tests on the boy.

Additionally, over a time of three months, she called a doctor at the Fort Worth hospital for 42 times. And repeatedly claimed that her son wasn’t eating. In January 2016, a physician at Witchita Falls observed Gee be fabricating her son’s symptoms. So, he filed a report with Child Protective Services (CPS) in Texas.

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The investigation by Child Protecting Services

Eventually, in March 2016, Gee got able to convince Dr. Lyn Hunt. And made her insert a feeding tube into the child’s stomach, in spite of the investigation into her claims. Later, Dr. Hunt said that she was unaware of the fact that CPS was investigating Gee. And if she had known, she would never have resorted to this solution.

Hunt also stated that if a mother tells you that her child isn’t eating and you are exhausted from all the possibilities, the feeding tube is the last option to provide nutrition to the child. Another doctor also reported about the insertion of a feeding tube into the stomach of Gee’s child. But the case got quickly closed without any interview with Gee.

Later in 2017, Gee took her son to Cook Children’s hospital and claimed that he had dilated pupils and seizure. But again, doctors didn’t find any of these symptoms and took the boy off from many medications he was taking. During an interview with CPS investigator, Gee continuously described the victim as a sick child.

After this, the boy received foster care for three months in 2017. And her foster mother stated that the boy had no medical condition. Eventually, the boy returned to his mother. According to GEE, in 2018, he got diagnosed with autism. But again, doctors and his foster parents said they never observed any signs that the boy was autistic.

After an investigation of 5 months, last week police charged Gee for causing serious bodily injury to her son. But she got released on Thursday after posting $25,000 bail. And the exact whereabouts of the boy is unclear.




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