Mathew Knowles Has Disclosed About His Battle with Breast Cancer

This week Mathew Knowles has told everyone about his battle with breast cancer. Mathew is the father of Beyoncé (An American singer) and Solange. And recently he has opened up about his fight with this deadly disease. Besides this, he has also described how men can look out for themselves.

An interview on Wednesday’s Good Morning America

Not long ago, Mathew Knowles has revealed about his stage 1a cancer. In his interview with Michael Strahan on the show Wednesday’s “Good Morning America”, he has talked about this battle with breast cancer. And also told the circumstances that can predispose other men to breast cancer.

Mathew Knowles – the former executive has explained that he found that he had breast cancer when blood stains continued appearing on his shirt. Moreover, he revealed that his wife has also observed bloodstains on the sheets.

He added that men wish to keep this disease hidden. And the cause behind it may be the embarrassment they feel without any reason. Knowles is 67 years of age. And he knew to get tested for breast cancer because of his time he worked at Xerox.

Knowles stated that he had worked in the medical division of Xerox in 1980. And he continued his work there for about 8 years. During that time, he was selling weroradiography. That was a leading modality for breast cancer.

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He added that being in this position he had to do business with radiologists. For which, he had to learn about all the terminologies related to modality technology. Breast cancer affects every 1 in 8 women. While many women in the Knowles family have been diagnosed or died of this disease.

Mutation in BCAR2 gene

This family history of breast cancer has forced Knowles to face this fatal disease. Mathew Knowles got genetic testing for the detection of cancer. And the results of the testing revealed his predisposition to having male breast cancer.

According to him, he has a mutation in gene BCAR2. That places him in the class of the high-risk group. Additionally, his kids have a 50% chance of inheriting this mutation in this cancer-linked gene. And, the risk is the same for both males and females.

All over the world, many people believe that breast cancer is only associated with women. But that’s not the case. It can also affect males along with females. Knowles said that currently, he is doing very well after undergoing surgery last July.

And after his battle with breast cancer, his knowledge and awareness about this disease in males have improved. So, now he wishes to use this major platform to tell people about the ways in which they can help themselves and avoid this disease.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has given an idea about the number of cases of breast cancer. According to its report, in the U.S., 2200 men and 245,000 women are diagnosed with this cancer every year.

During his appearance in the breast cancer month, Knowles has described early detection as a way for protection against this disease. He said that getting a test for breast cancer detection on time can save a person’s life.

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