Joaquin Phoenix’s Shocking 52 Pounds Weight loss for film “joker”

Losing too much weight may lead to mental disorders. The actor, Joaquin Phoenix has lost 52 lbs. for his new movie – Joker. He stated that losing this much of the weight has made him develop a disorder.

Extreme weight loss is not possible without professional help

Joaquin Phoenix, 44 years of age, limited his calories to the extreme for the sake of his role. Whereas, he dropped his weight in the supervision of a doctor. The director of the movie – Todd Phillis believed that the character of Arthur Fleck (Phoenix’s role in the movie) should be thin in real life.

For this reason, Joaquin Phoenix agreed to lose 52 lbs. of weight. And he did so very carefully under the complete guidance of a professional doctor. But later, he found that such a strict deprivation of calories has affected his eating habits after hitting the goal.

In one of the interviews with the Associated Press, he has talked about his weight loss experience. He said that everything changes once you reach your target weight. Moreover, he also mentioned the major difficulty he faced while losing too much weight.

Phoenix stated that waking up daily and getting obsessed over 0.3 lbs. is quite difficult. And on the contrary, one can even develop a disorder. He did much struggle for weight loss up to this point. And later found that physically he felt much better as compared to his expectations.

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Can weight loss impacts a person’s thinking?

Joaquin Phoenix continued his interview and described the interesting things about his expectation and anticipation associated with weight loss. He was expecting feelings like hunger, weakness, dissatisfaction, and a certain kind of vulnerability.

On the other hand, what he didn’t anticipate was the kind of fluidity that he felt physical. Moving further, Phoenix also stated that he was able to move his body in ways he wasn’t able to before. And he assumed as if he had really lent himself to some kind of physical movement that appeared to emerge as an important part of the character.

Phoenix said that previously he was wishing to gain weight for the role, instead of losing it. And he desired such change as he was cautious about losing too much weight in such a short time span. On the contrary, Philip urged him to take the decision otherwise. That did have some effects on his mental health.

Moreover, losing weight impacts the psychology of a person. And the person starts becoming mad after losing a large amount of weight during this specific time.

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