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Mobile Phone Takes Life of A 14 Years Old Girl

A 14 years old girl has died as a consequence of a mobile phone explosion on October 1, 2019. This news has become viral all over Instagram and the internet.

Tragic accident due to mobile phone explosion

Alua Asetkyzy Abzalbek was a residence of Bastobe, Kazakhstan. The investigation has shown that night before her death she slept while listening to music on her phone. And at that time, her phone was on charging, beside her head.

The next morning, relatives of the unlucky school-girl found her dead along with an exploded mobile phone plugged into the socket near her pillow. According to police reports, she seemed to receive severe head injuries.

That had led to immediate death. Later, the reason behind this tragic accident was also confirmed by the reports of forensic experts. The reports showed that overheating of the mobile phone after getting charged had caused this explosion.

Death of this 14 years old girl is a tragic accident. And gives a lesson to everyone. Although there was no disclosure about the brand of the smartphone, the incidence has given a warning to the whole world about the consequences of using a phone while it’s on charging.

Ayazhan Dolasheva was Alua’s friend. She still finds Alua’s death unbelievable and has posted about it. Ayazhan has described her feelings about her childhood friend. And has told how much she misses her.

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What can lead to the explosion of the mobile battery?

Mobile phones contain Li-ion batteries. When such a battery catches fire or explodes, actually it is going under a process called thermal runaway. Lithium-ion batteries contain a lot of Li-ion cells. And each of these Li-ion cells has a critical temperature associated with it.

External heat, poor manufacturing, damage, or overcharging can lead to the attainment of this temperature. And it causes the exothermic breakdown of the Li-ion cells. In other words, a cell itself starts generating a lot of heat.

This mechanism initiates the process of thermal runaway. The entry of a cell into the exothermic breakdown phase generates tons of heat. And in turn, it causes the neighboring cells to hit their critical temperature.

The outcome may depend upon the speed of the process. Based on this, a battery may sizzle out, catch fire, or lead to a minor explosion. Knowing the process of thermal runaway makes it easier to pinpoint the cause of the explosion in mobile batteries.

The death of Asetkyzy Abzalbek – a 14 years old girl, is a tragic incident for everyone. And has indicated the need for caution while using or charging a mobile phone. It has shown that using a mobile phone while it is on charging or leaving it as such overnight can be hazardous to health.

Moreover, this death is only the one among the series of accidents caused by mobile batteries explosion in Russia and other areas of the world.


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