Sarah’s Viral Post on Self-Serve Snacks

Sarah Hornung’s post about self-serve snacks has gone viral on social media. And got more than 68,000 shares. She is a mother of two boys and works on a blog “The Eager Teacher”. Where she writes about the professional and personal organization.

Availability of healthy snacks for kids

In her recent viral post, Sarah has talked about organizing her fridge with self-serve snacks for her children. She stated that using this method has taught her kids independence. And at the same time, it has allowed her kids to eat healthy snacks, further preventing any argument over what they wish to eat.

The theme behind her post is quite simple. Preparing healthy and completely ready to eat snacks in advance. And stocking these snacks in containers on lower shelves of the refrigerator, so that kids can help themselves.

Hornung stated that placing self-serve snacks in her refrigerator had made evenings in her house quite easier for everyone. She said that her kids are starving when they return from daycare or school. And would meltdown even before she starts making a meal.

This situation made her realize that she needs to be ahead of the game. Now, Sarah stores snack like yogurt and cheese sticks in bulk. Along with these, she also buys a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Though it takes extra time to organize everything, it’s worth the effort.

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Promote healthy choices

In today’s busy life, every parent is looking for a way to make their life easier. But still, they want to have healthy options in their house. A person can easily go to the market and buy pre-packaged bags of cookies, crackers, and snacks. But, if he/she wants to have fresh and healthy food, there’s a need for a little bit of prep time.

That’s something Sarah has committed to do every week as it makes her life easier. Some of the commenters on her post have asked that if self-serve snacks would allow kids to overeat these stored items.  But Sarah hasn’t faced such a case.

She said that her children eat when they are hungry and stop when they aren’t as the food is accessible. So, self-serving may not feel off-limits. Hornung also states that besides her children, she even finds this method helpful for herself to make healthy choices.

When a person is hungry and busy, he needs to grab food and go. But no matter how much healthy and fresh food you buy, no one’s going to eat that if you don’t wash it and have it ready to go.


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