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Internet Applauds Aparna Lavakumar For Shaving Her Head for A Noble Cause

Aparna Lavakumar is getting applause all over the internet. She is a senior civil police officer who shaved her head for a noble cause. And is currently in headlines for donating her hair to make wigs for the cancer patients.

Donating hair for cancer patients’ wigs

In any type of cancer, there is an uncontrolled division of the body cells. That can even spread to the surrounding tissues. With the cancer progression, more and more cells start becoming abnormal, leading to the growth of tumors.

According to WHO, globally, cancer is the second leading cause of death. There are many types of cancer therapies. That may include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or hormone therapy. Whereas, the selection of therapy depends upon the type and the stage of cancer.

These therapies can also lead to some side effects. That may include anemia, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and sleep problems. While hair loss and fatigue are the most common among the various side effects of cancer treatments.

Kerala women cop, Aparna Lavakumar has got famous on social media for donating his knee-length hair for cancer patients. She is a police officer, currently residing in Irinjalakuda in Thrissur district.

Before she made a decision to shave her head, she didn’t tell anybody in advance. While talking about this, she stated that by informing someone in advance, she might have experienced some sort of discouragement.

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Inspiration for the world

Instead of telling someone, Aparna Lavakumar went straight to the salon. She said that this step isn’t a big deal. As on the contrary, many people are making greater contributions than this. Even if she isn’t in the position to help someone financially, this is a little bit of contribution she can make.

Moreover, she has no regrets regarding this decision. Aparna Lavakumar has even donated her hair before. But this time she wished to go the full way. In the past, she used to donate her hair on a regular basis.

However, seeing a bald young boy – cancer survivor, left a major impact on her. Aparna Lavakumar observed the young boy struggling with his new appearance. And decided to shave her head completely to help the cancer patients like him.

Her deed is getting applauded by the whole internet. Even the actress Anushka Sharma has used her Instagram account to praise the actions of this Kerala woman cop. Such a noble action by Aparna Lavakumar can also serve as inspiration for other people. And can help poor families who have difficulty in buying costly wigs.


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