Massachusetts Government Bans Vaping Products

The news of deaths as a result of using vaping products made headlines in the past few weeks. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the people, had different responses to it. Now, the government of Massachusetts recently put a ban on the sales of any kind of vapes.

According to research from the past, vaping can have different effects on the body. Some studies suggest while it is safer than cigarettes, they can still have a negative impact. However, others state that vaping actually causes more serious effects than smoking cigarettes.

Prior to the deaths occurring as a result of using vapes or e-cigarettes, many authorities had already suggested a controlling ban on the products. This is due to various reasons including the popularity of these products among the younger populations.

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Statistically, children as young as 11-13 are using vaping products. Therefore, a number of states including New York and Michigan had imposed bans on such item as soon as the news of deaths occurred. Now, the conservative state of Massachusetts under Charlie Baker becomes the first Republican state to ban vapes.

The ban is a response to the rising cases of post-vaping complications. Approval by the public health committee will soon stop the flow of all vape and e-cigarettes into the market.

Sixty-one Cases Of Lung Diseases Have Been Reported

The ban in the state of Massachusetts is temporary and will last for four months. However, it is likely that the ban will later become permanent or get an extension. The government of Massachusetts states that the health authorities report around sixty-one cases of lung issues as a result of vaping.

Additionally, there are three cases along with two more potential cases of pulmonary complications of the lungs in the state. Therefore, a ban on the sales and usage of vaping products was necessary.

During the four months of the ban, the public health administration will collect data on information regarding vaping. This includes sales as well as the use of the products by people from different age groups. Secondly, it will provide health officials time to research and understand more about vaping problems and treatments.

Following these steps, the administration will then propose possible ways of control and regulation. In addition, there will also be efforts to promote better understanding and awareness of the problem.

The decision of the Massachusetts government had positive remarks from many authorities and officials. This includes the assistant vice president for state public policy at the American Lung Association, Michael Seilbach.

He also further commented that the Food and Drug Administration should take similar action on this issue. Seilbach adds that it is the absence of actions by the FDA that plays a major role in the situations. If only the FDA had imposed restrictions itself, states would not have to handle the entire conundrum themselves.

This step by the government of Massachusettes is likely to prevent more cases of lung complications. The awareness and regulation initiatives may also keep children away from using vaping products.

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