Rare Cancer Tumors Made A Woman Look Pregnant

In the modern world, the healthcare facilities are more advanced in comparison with that of decades ago. However, the new challenges are still hard to control by the health professionals. Different forms of cancerous tumors are among such health problems.

Statistically, cancer is becoming more and more prevalent around the globe. On the other hand, there is also an increase in research on its various types. The medical literature present now not only covers the potential treatment options but also the factors that lead to the development of cancerous tumors.

For instance, the recent findings of the report by researchers from the Environmental Working Group look at water as a factor. More particularly, it focuses on how the chemicals in common household water can lead to cancer. Similarly, there are many other works that look at cancer, its causes, development, and treatment from multiple angles. In doing so, the researchers have not only found new information but also rare types of the disease.

Recently, a new case of a woman called Jemily Brown is making headlines in global news. According to research, the woman, who is a mom of one, has the form called pseudomyxoma peritonei.

Jemily’s cancerous tumors are causing complications for her as well as her family. Not only had she had surgery for the condition but also a re-growth and spread of the tumor after only a year.

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Cancer Rates Are Rapidly Rising

Whenever a health professional mentions cancer, he/she does not refer to a single condition. The disease has many forms. So, it is actually an umbrella term for many forms of it.

The main reason cancerous growths are hard to treat is because of their ability to spread. A person having cancer is one organ may develop tumors in others as well gradually. This may also happen while a person is getting proper treatment.

In addition, a person may also have cancer of another kind after the treatment of his/her previous one. For example, bone cancer after having breast cancer is a particularly common event. Therefore, the disease is a cause of concern since it is spreading at a very fast rate.

The previous statistics show that around 1.16 trillion dollars were spent on the treatment of cancer in the United States in 2010. With the rise in cases, the figures for funds and money will also be higher.

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Therefore, most of the doctors and scientists encourage people to cut down the risk of cancer in the first place. At the moment, the most common cause of cancer is smoking. Tobacco is responsible for around twenty-two percent of the deaths due to cancer.

Around ten percent of deaths because of cancer are also because of unhealthy lifestyles. People with poor diets, little to no exercise, and high-stress levels have more chances of cancer.

This also explains why the prevalence of cancer is actually higher in developed countries like the United States. The American Standard Diets and sedentary lifestyles are among the biggest contributors.

After developing the cancerous tumors, the chances of survival depend on many factors. This can include a person’s lifestyle, treatment option, and stage and type of cancer.

Typically, people with unhealthy lifestyle and older age have lower chances of survival. In comparison, people who have healthy lifestyles have higher chances of treatment.

Secondly, a healthy lifestyle can prevent cancer in the first place altogether. Research shows how the risk of multiple cancers is automatically less if the person has healthy habits.

However, in some cases, the prevention of cancer is not possible due to genetic factors. Newborns and child may also have cancer since it is genetically passed down from the parents.

Only Fourteen Cases of Surgery in Pseudomyxoma Peritonei

Jemily’s case of cancer is very different in comparison with the typical forms of cancer. Firstly, there are generally very few cases of this particular type of tumors in the world. Secondly, the reason her case is making headlines is due to its look.

In consonance with Jemily, many people assume she is pregnant due to her cancerous growths. This is because this type of cancer actually causes swelling around the abdominal area. Jemily had a diagnosis of the disease after having scans in 2017.

Following the diagnosis, she also had a twelve hours-long surgery to get rid of the tumors. In the surgery, ten of her organs had to be removed along with the tumor. This includes the diaphragm, fallopian tubes, small bowel, omentum, spleen, ovaries, umbilicus, appendix, and ovaries.

Even though the surgical procedure was successful, the tumor re-grew after a period of a year. Due to the re-growth, Jemily had to receive chemotherapy. However, three months later, the doctors saw that the cancerous tumors were not responding to the therapy.

Now, the doctors state that there is a need for another surgery but it also means the removal of more organs. In another procedure, Jemily would need to lose her stomach, small and large intestine, and pancreas. Along with the removal, she would also require several organ donors to survive.

Picture: Caters News

Jemily and her family talk about how hard the whole experience has been for all of them. For Jemily, the pain of removal of organs comes in combination with social issues. This is because the majority of the people assume that she is having a baby due to the tumor.

While it is at the bank or a shop, many people ask her about the due date. A shopkeeper at a store even asked her if she is buying a wedding ring because of her ‘pregnancy’. Jemily says it was only because she did not want to damage her original wedding ring during the surgery.

One positive impact of the entire experience is that it has brought Jemily and her family together. At the moment, they are trying to stay close no matter what happens. In addition, the family is also organizing a fundraiser for the surgery as well as for the organ donations.

Even though the NHS covers the cost of the surgery, there are many other expenses. Macmillan Cancer Support suggests that cancer may cause family additional expenses of over five hundred USD per day. Secondly, Jemily’s family also needs money for expenses of traveling, accommodation, and food. Here is a link to support her through this journey. 

There are only fourteen cases of surgery in pseudomyxoma peritonei across the globe yet. Jemily’s case will be the fifteenth one.

Chances of Survival

As mentioned before, the chances of survival vary from one case to another. In the case of Jemily and her rare form of cancer, the chances depend on organ donors. Currently, she on the waitlist for selected people for a multiple organ transplant surgery in Oxford.

The doctors do not necessarily state that receiving the surgery will cure her condition. However, it can extend her years of survival and improve the quality of life. It is only after the surgery the doctors will be able to tell the potential risks and condition of the cancerous growths.

Now, Jemily and her family are only waiting for their call from the hospital. Upon receiving it, they will immediately travel to oxford for the surgical procedures to take place.


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