Alcohol May Benefit the Gut Health

As time passes by, there are more and more discoveries regarding health. Scientists and health professionals are finding out more about how there are links between procedures in the human body. Consequently, there is an increase in research to know about how such connections affect health.

For instance, a big part of medical literature from today concentrates on the role of gut bacteria. Previously, researchers knew gut bacteria had an obvious role in digestion-related issues. Now, they are uncovering new information about how these bacteria have a much bigger impact.

At the moment, there is research on different health issues with the main focus being gut bacteria in their development. Many studies show that bacteria can protect and prevent many health conditions. If a person has good gut health, he/she may have a lower risk of many physical and mental problems.

Therefore, it is established that protecting gut health is mandatory for prevention of many problems. So, there is also research on ways to safeguard the gut health. This may include certain foods and lifestyle habits.

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For example, a new study looks at how having red wine can potentially protect the gut bacteria. The study was led by Caroline Le Roy – researcher from King’s College in London. Its findings appear in the journal Gastroenterology.

Read the details of the study here.


Alcohol May Benefit the Gut Health
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Red Wine Is More Beneficial In Limited Amount

Red wine a popular beverage across the world. From dinner parties to meetings, red wine is a favorite among the majority of the people. While other alcoholic drinks have negative effects, red wine is comparatively healthier.

In fact, research from the past shows that drinking red wine in moderation can boost health. A few studies suggest that impacts the health of the heart positively. Other have made a potential connection between its consumption and better mental health.

Now, the recent study focuses on how it leads to greater diversity in the gut microbiota. Higher diversity in gut bacteria is a sign of good health. To reach this conclusion, the researchers did an examination of data from around 916 twins. All of these twins were females.

In the twins, the researchers looked at the effects of different alcoholic drinks on gut health. For example, beer, red wine, spirit, white wine, and cider. In addition, other factors such as diet, age, social class, income levels were also observed.

After the observation, the researchers did find a link between consuming red wine and gut bacteria. Participants who drank red wine were more likely to have stable cholesterol levels, lesser chances of being overweight, and gut bacterial diversity.

This confirms the benefits of drinking red wine for the health of a person. However, a very important thing to note here is that the amount of red wine also matters. Like with all other beverages, moderation is also important in the case of red wine.

The wine can only be beneficial if a person watches his/her levels of intake. Additionally, the authors state that further investigation is needed but if a person has to drink alcohol, red wine is the best option.


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