How early epilepsy surgery affects seizure outcomes

It is better to get early epilepsy surgery. As an early surgery is helpful for patients who are resistant to epilepsy treating drugs. A study has found that people with surgery have more chances of getting free of seizures.

This study is a meta-analysis and systemic review. In this, the research team has analyzed the results of many previous studies. And has suggested that people who have drug-resistant epilepsy, should go for epilepsy surgery evaluation.

Surgery is efficacious in controlling epilepsy seizures

Epilepsy is a disorder of the central nervous system (CNS). In this disorder, the activity of the brain gets abnormal. And may lead to seizures or episodes of unusual behavior, sensations, and loss of awareness. Anyone can be diagnosed with epilepsy. As it affects both females and males of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds.

The symptoms of epilepsy seizures may vary widely. During a seizure, a person may stare blankly for a few seconds. While another person may repeatedly twitch his arms and legs. A single episode of seizure cannot lead to the diagnosis of epilepsy. Because early diagnosis of epilepsy generally needs two unprovoked seizures.

In this study, SBU – Swedish Council for Assessment of Health Technology and Social Services has collaborated with Sahlgrenska Academy researchers. The study has involved nearly 65,000 epilepsy patients from Sweden. That also includes about 11,000 children diagnosed with epilepsy.

Treatments with drugs are effective in many people. Among people, who didn’t recover fully, a marked improvement was still present in high proportion. While, in the case of people who are immune to these drugs, epilepsy surgery can be efficacious for controlling seizures. But it only happens if epilepsy comes from the curable region of the brain.

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Link of early or late surgery with epilepsy seizures

Drug-resistant epilepsy has an impact on every aspect of life. And an advanced analysis is required before opting for the surgical option. Such an analysis shows that whether the epileptic attack has come from this limited region of the brain. The research team has compiled an overview of systematic literature and meta-analysis of various studies.

That have examined the link between early or late surgery and the chances of freedom from seizures. The journal “Neurology” has presented the results of this study. This meta-analysis has formed a basis for the national guidelines related to epilepsy. And the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare has recently adopted these guidelines.

Currently, sound scientific evidence has implied that people with resistance to epilepsy drugs have a better chance of becoming seizures free by epileptic surgery, in contrast to receiving only drug treatment.  Earlier studies have found that many people who get epilepsy surgery, had this disorder for many years, mostly half of their lives.

The studies have also shown that getting operated can reduce many of the adverse outcomes of epilepsy.  And the chances of becoming seizures free after surgery will improve further if the person gets the surgery at an early stage.  This meta-analysis consisted of 12 studies.

That have analyzed the outcomes of surgery in patients who previously had epilepsy for 2 – 20 years. The results have revealed that the probability of becoming seizure-free was 15 – 21% more in those who got operated at an earlier stage.

However, the degree of evidence was low for the included studies. As these studies were observational studies of average quality. But still, it’s never too late to get epilepsy surgery, as its benefits are present, even if epilepsy has lasted for many years.



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