Bioactive Compounds May Stop Cognitive Decline

At the moment, there is more research on various spheres of health than ever before. Many studies now also focus on problems that are prevalent in different age groups. For instance, cognitive decline in older adults is the subject of a lot of trials and studies.

The decline in cognition is actually a normal part of the process of aging. However, it is a common misconception that one is unable to control it. While a little decrease in cognitive abilities is acceptable, being unable to perform routine activities is not.

Such a condition is also a symptom of cognitive disease. This may be the sign of Alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia in the person. Cognitive decline can be controlled if it is diagnosed and treated at the right time.

This is why health professionals increasingly stress on getting routine check-ups. According to research from the past, cognitive impairment has various treatments.

In addition to traditional medicines, there are other foods which may also help. Secondly, recent studies show that a number of brain-stimulating activities are also helpful.

Similarly, new research further explores this area of treatment of cognitive decline. More specifically, it looks at the impact of drinking tart cherry juice on cognition in older adults.

Cognition is generally having the ability to think and perform accurately. Such abilities can not remain as sharp as a person undergoes the process of aging. To control the cognitive decline, doctors often recommend following a healthy diet.

The findings of the study appear in the journal Food & Function. The leading author of the study was Sheau Ching Chai – a professor of behavioral sciences and nutrition.

Read the study here.


Bioactive Compounds May Stop Cognitive Decline
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Tart Cherries May Improve Memory Scores

In the latest study, cherries get added to the list of foods beneficial for cognition. Generally, cherries are healthy due to the presence of polyphenols which are flavonoids in them. These chemicals reduce inflammation and protect against various disease because of their strong antioxidants.

In the case of cognition, they are no different. Therefore, the researchers looked at their impact on a total of thirty-seven participants in the new study.

All of these participants were between the ages of sixty-five to eighty. None of them had any cognitive issues at the time.

Secondly, they also did not have a history of conditions such as heart disease, cancer, brain injury, or diabetes. Thirdly, none of them were on medication that could possibly have an impact on the functioning of the brain.

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After the recruitment, the researchers divided the participants into two groups. The twenty people in the group one had to drink two cups of cherry juice for a period of three months. They had one cup in the morning while the other later in the day.

On the other hand, the second group only had a placebo drink. They also had to drink it two times a day for twelve weeks.

After the study period, the researchers noted improvements in the group that had cherry juice. Participants in this group had better memory, attention span, and performed significantly better on cognitive tests.

The researchers explain that this may be because of cherry’s ability to control blood pressure. Additionally, the bioactive compounds that improve cognition may also play a major role. For the time being, they say that further research is required for more information.


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