Soft Drinks May Raise the Chances Of Death

The modern-day life is very different from that of the past decades. There has been a change in everything from the daily commute to the definition of entertainment. Similarly, there are also alterations in medical science and health. The daily diets and exercise routines are no longer like they used to be.

However, not all of these changes are positive. In the case of diet and fitness, the statistics show that an increasing number of people consume unhealthy items. In fact, ultra-processed foods form the majority of Standard American Diets.

This applies to all people irrespective of their age, sex, and other factors. As a consequence, there are more challenges to public health. Research identifies some food beverages which are carcinogenic and can lead to many harmful conditions. This is also a potential factor in obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Therefore, there is an increase in research on individual food items. One of such food items is soda or soft drinks. There is a large number of people who consume popular soft drinks on a daily basis. A new study now shows how this can be harmful enough to raise the risk of death.

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More specifically, drinking two glasses of any soft drink increases the risk of death in a person. The research was mainly based on data from European countries. Its findings appear in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Read the study here.

All Soft Drinks Increase the Risk of Death

Research from the past already shows that soft drinks generally increase the risk of death in an individual. To tackle this, many brands also came up with ‘zero sugar’ and alternative drinks. Consequently, health-conscious people are still not sure about whether they should go for the alternatives.

In general, there is still a big number of people who consume soda on a daily basis. This is why new research aims to find out how drinking soda can affect mortality rates as a whole. For the purpose of the study, the researchers took data from European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition.

EPIC is still an ongoing study which collects data from people from all over Europe. In this study, the participants had to give information on their daily diets as well as the intake of soft drinks. This was done either via interviews or by filling questionnaires.

The average age of the participants was fifty-one. None of these participants had any harmful health conditions or were at the risk of having any in the future.

In the follow-up sessions, the researchers used the data from the participants to do a comparison of people who had soft drinks daily with those who did not. They observed that the former had a higher risk of death due to different reasons.

People who had artifically-sweetened drinks had a higher risk of death as a result of problems in circulation. On the other hand, people who had sweetened drinks had higher chances of dying from digestive complications.

Additionally, different lifestyle factors did not change the results. People with different BMI, smoking habits or levels of physical activity still had the same results.


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