The Therapy of Art can Help in Healing Pain | Claims A Study

‘Art’ is something which both the artists and the non-artists appreciate altogether. Most people find Art refreshing for themselves which gives them inner solace and peace. For many, art is kind of bringing serenity to the soul. People adopt art out of hobby most of the times because for them it’s something where they feel connected and feel at peace.

But, how many people know that art can actually be helpful for people in getting relieved from their pain as well. How many people know that art can actually act as a healer for their physical pain as well? Very few. People hardly are aware of this therapy cum technique that how art can take them out of their physical pain.

How Can Art Help in Turning the Pain into a Healing Process?

A study was performed on people related to arts and how the arts can work as a therapy for people.

Kelsey A.Skerpan, who happens to be an Art Therapist in a Harvard Affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital comments on the therapy of art that it doesn’t necessarily matter that any of the art therapy would replace or subside the pain, nevertheless, art can actually be helpful to people in managing and directing their symptoms such as anxiety or stress that are associated with the pain of the individual. This, in return, helps in the process of recovery as well as helps in bringing an improvement to the life of an individual as well.

The study was performed on almost 200 people in around February 2018 and the study showed that it helped in lowering the stress of people who were engaged in art therapy for around 50 minutes only.

Pain normally reinforces in people the idea of limitation. As in that, there are certain things which they can do and there are certain things which they cannot do because of pain. This idea of limitation brings stress and changes their mood then.

The art does the opposite though, says Skerpan. The art helps them in regaining their inner selves where they feel that they, themselves are the owners of their lives. Where they feel connected within themselves. This also helps them in expressing themselves in a unique or creative way.

Encouraging people in processing their art in the form of how pain affects them can be helpful. However, for this, people dealing with pain would be needing art therapists which are not like usual art teachers. Art therapists actually help people in how they can describe their pain in the form of art by expressing using different colors, shapes or forms.

It doesn’t matter which form of art therapy you follow. In fact, art therapy can be of any form. You can use printmaking or ceramics or whatever you like to do to express yourself in the form of your art.

How Can Art be Beneficial for Patients?

Art can not only help people in healing their pain, art can actually be helpful in bringing spirituality into one’s soul.

Here’s how some of the patients have commented on how art helps them:

  1. Patients comment that art helps them in bringing more truth to their life, that the life truths start becoming clearer to them.
  2. Along with getting clear about life, it helps them in becoming more creative which fulfills their basic need of being a human which demands creativity.
  3. Gives an individual the feeling of becoming whole within oneself, where they feel more love and compassion for their own selves.
  4. Art therapy gives individuals a sense of joy.
  5. Since Art has no boundaries, thus it helps the individuals in crossing the bridges that are built across the variable backgrounds.


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