Flu Vaccine May Cut Down Risk Of Death

The advancements in medical science have made the cure of many of the health conditions possible today. In fact, one disease has multiple treatment options available. Health professionals do not only prescribe drugs but also give guidelines on diet, exercise, and other habits in accordance with the research.

In addition, people also no longer take conventional oral medication. There are various types of therapies and procedures that help patients with physical and mental challenges. Secondly, there are other ways of giving a drug to a patient which may also ensure better results.

One of these is giving flu shots to patients. Although flu or influenza is not a harmful disease, it can affect a person’s daily activities. This is especially a problem for those with busy schedules. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention states that around 960,000 people may end up in the hospital because of flu.

In some cases, a flu vaccine may be mandatory as they may cause death. This is a possibility in people with heart disease and hypertension. Having influenza can raise the risk of heart attacks and stroke in such patients.

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Previous research shows flu shots are highly effective in preventing and treatment. Now, a new study looks at how they may also benefit a person with hypertension in addition to the protection. The team of researchers from the University of Copenhagen was led by Daniel Modin.

The reports of the study where present in the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2019 as well as World Congress of Cardiology.

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Flu Vaccines Are Beneficial In Cutting Down Death Risk

Hypertension is one of the most common health conditions in the world. Although there are many ways of managing it, it can be potentially dangerous. The reason for this is because it is among one of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease and premature death.

Therefore, researchers in the new study look for more on how a flu vaccine can potentially help in avoiding heart problems. For this purpose, they took data from around 608,452 people. All of these were people from different age groups and had hypertension. The period of the study was from 2007 to 2016.

During these years, the scientists looked at the deaths and their causes. They also had a check on factors such as health status, age, and other issues.

After the examination, it was found that flu vaccines led to a lower risk of dying from all heart problems. The chances of dying from a heart issue were sixteen percent less.

Secondly, the people also had a ten percent lower risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke. Thirdly, there was also a general eighteen percent reduction in death from all causes.

Are Vaccines Safe?

According to the researchers in the study, vaccines and relatively safe and affordable as well. For people with heart disease and hypertension, it is especially a good way to cut down the risk of a cardiovascular event.

An important thing to remember is to get the flu vaccine at the right time. Getting a shot in the middle of the season may raise the risk of contracting the virus before the vaccine.




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