Exercise Benefits People With Heart Disease Majorly

In the modern-day world, information regarding every sphere of life is widespread among the people. This is due to a number of reasons including having easy access to it. Consequently, people have also become much more aware of many health issues including heart disease.

Thanks to the internet, a person is one click away to know about tips on losing weight at home. In a similar way, people now know about many of the common diets and exercises. Many no longer even require a fitness trainer or a dietician to help them in their fitness journey.

Health professionals and researchers state that these kinds of changes can also affect the risk of developing many diseases. This also includes heart disease which is the leading causes of death worldwide.

Recently, a number of studies explore how exercising can help with the prevention of heart disease. Now, another study adds to this side of medical literature by looking at how it can help people with a diagnosis.

Researchers from Seoul National University in South Korea set out to see how exercise may help patients of heart disease more than others.

The leading author of the study was Sang-Woo Jeong. Its findings appear in the European Heart Journal. These findings were further a part of the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2019.

Read the details of the study here.

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Exercise Benefits People With Heart Disease Majorly
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Exercise Decreases Death Risk In People With Heart Disease

Exercising is among the healthiest activities a person can do. Not only can it help an individual stay active and focus better on his/her work but also be beneficial in the long run.

Research from the past shows connections between physical activity and a lower risk of many health conditions. These can range from diabetes and obesity to cardiovascular disease and different forms of cancers.

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In the case of heart disease, it is already established that exercise can help in prevention and treatment. So, what does the new study show?

The main purpose of the recent research was to do a comparison of healthy people who exercise with patients of heart disease. This may show the degree of how beneficial exercise can be for someone with heart issues

In the research, there was an examination of around 441,798 people. The main source of the data came from the National Health Insurance Services Health Screening Cohort. In addition, the researchers also had the data of the participants from the six-year follow-up.

After the analysis and comparison, the researchers found that those with heart diseases had higher benefits of exercising. Healthy people had a seven percent lower risk of death due to exercise. On the other hand, people with heart issues had fourteen percent.

Why Does This Happen?

The researchers gave a few reasons that may explain why people with heart disease had higher benefits. For instance, they explained how people with the disease are also more conscious about other factors. This includes high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Controlling these can make exercise more effective.

Secondly, many of the otherwise healthy people had sedentary lifestyles. In comparison with active lifestyles of the patients, they were less likely to have equal number of benefits.


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