Low Water Intake Can Affect Your Over-All Performance | Study Shows

We all have heard since we start understanding things that drinking a plethora of water is necessary for health. That we should drink at least 8 ounces a day. Right? But how many of us follow that though? Well, the thing is that just like drinking plenty of water has its benefits and advantages, not drinking enough water or causing your body dehydration because of low water intake can actually be harmful to your body. This can cause many other problems for the body as well just because of insufficient intake of water.

The water intake can affect our body overall, such as in the absence of water the body cannot function as usual. The energy level of the body can go down and the performance level of the body can get affected- be it on cognitive level or be it on the physiological level- this is what the research says. Our body’s performance can get affected just because of the dehydration in the body.

Some of the researches say that drinking water when you feel the thirst only actually indicate that your body is already dehydrated which is an alarming condition. A person should keep drinking water every now and then even if s/he doesn’t feel thirsty.

Another way of knowing whether your body is hydrated enough or not is to check the color of your urine. If the urine is transparent then it means that your body is hydrated. However, if the urine is colored or dark then this indicates that your body is getting dehydrated or is already dehydrated and needs hydration.

The studies have shown that water can actually improve a person’s perception. Because it improved the visual attention of children when they were given water before the study.

Below we have mentioned a couple of the harmful effects of not drinking water on a regular basis which has been taken from the research and which we believe will be helpful for the reader to go through.

Effects of Low Water Intake on Physical Performance

It has been observed that people who are more into physical sort of activities, if they get affected by the dehydration, then their performance certainly gets affected. Individuals who go through physical training or athletes who practice day and night rigorously can actually become the victim of dehydration.

Effects of Dehydration on Physical Performance

Some of the effects of dehydration on people who have more physical labor involved are as follows:

  • Low level of water can affect one’s tolerance level. It can reduce the tolerance level of an individual.
  • Another effect that dehydration can have on an individual is that the person will feel fatigued.
  • The motivation can loosen and the person will no longer feel motivated.
  • The perception will also get affected because an individual will have to put double the efforts in perceiving things than usual because of dehydration.

Also, exercising in hot weathers can also affect the water level of a person and can result in a number of consequences which are as follows:

  • Hyperthermia
  • Low blood pressure
  • Low level of blood flow towards the muscles

Effects of Low Water Intake on Cognitive Performance

Dehydration can actually affect a person cognitively in a number of ways. Such as:

  • A person’s short-term memory is likely to get affected.
  • A person’s way of thinking such as perceptual discrimination can be affected.
  • A person’s problem-solving skills such as arithmetic ability can also get affected as a result.

Not only that dehydration can cause the aforementioned problems, in fact, dehydration can actually affect a person in other ways as well e.g.

  • Dehydration can cause confusion.
  • This can also cause anger.
  • Low water level or dehydration can result into mood swings as well.



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