Intake Of Sixty Three Grams Of Nuts Improve Sexual Health

In today’s world, there are many different diets and nutritional programs available. The majority of these targets a specific group of people. This may range from those wanting to lose weight to diabetic people. Hence, the daily intake of most folks is very different from that of the past.

According to research, diet can affect a person in a variety of ways. It is a common myth that doing exercise is enough for health. Without a proper diet, even spending hours at the gym would not give results.

Similarly, a good diet is mandatory for all the processes in the body to function smoothly. From the nervous system to the excretory system, the diet has an impact on everything.

However, many are not aware of how daily intake can affect the sexual health of a person. In consonance with some health professionals, the rise of sexual issues may be due to bad diets.

Since the Standard American diets are full of processed food, many people have troubled sexual lives. In an effort to know how diet affects sexual well-being a study explores further on the issues.

More particularly, it looks at the impact of having nuts in the daily intake on the sexual health of men. It takes data from previous research on the effects of consuming nuts on sperm quality. The findings of the study appear in the journal Nutrients.

Read the study here.

What Was the Research Method?

Sexual issues, specifically in men, are becoming more common. Different studies explain this rise by linking it to different factors. There is research that shows that there are connections between sexual well-being and diet.

Therefore, conducting research on the issue was mandatory. The new study, by researchers from Spain, consisted of a fourteen-week trial. For the purpose of the trial, there were two divisions among the participants.

Group one was the experimental group while the other was the control group. The forty-three men in the first group had to add nuts to their daily diet. The amount that they had to consume was around sixty grams. The participants could choose between walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts.

Intake Of Sixty Three Grams Of Nuts Improve Sexual Health
Image by Beckner Farms

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On the other hand, the participants in the second group had the same diet but without the nuts. There were around forty participants in this group. All of these participants were healthy.

The researchers examined the effects of nuts in two ways. Firstly, they asked the participants about their sexual health and any issues. They also had to report any changes they experience during the trial.

Secondly, the participants also gave sperm and blood samples. In these samples, the researchers looked at the molecule called E-selectin as well as NO. These two are often associated with problems like erectile dysfunction.

What Was the Result?

After the observation, the researchers found the nuts were beneficial for sexual health in men. In the experimental group, the participants had a higher libido. In addition, it also improved the orgasmic function.

Except these, there were no big differences between the control and experimental groups. However, the researchers state that a study on a bigger level is needed to investigate further.



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