Pregnant Diabetic Mothers at a Higher Risk of Stillbirths: Research

A new study has confirmed that pregnant diabetic mothers are at a higher risk of stillbirth deliveries than others. The findings come as a result of a thorough examination and empirical evidence which show that diabetes can be a big factor resulting in defected deliveries.

Stillbirth is defined as the death of the fetus during pregnancy or as soon as delivery is carried out. There is no one reason to support why that might be the case. However, scientists have come up with several plausible explanations.

For long, it was believed that a certain type of infection can cause birth defects eventually resulting in stillbirth. Other medical complications including high blood pressure were also known to contribute towards the phenomena. But the recent update is that diabetes may potentially be another cause where pregnant diabetic mothers are likely to deliver stillborn babies.

Pregnant Diabetic Mothers and Stillbirths

The research was collaborated by four scientists associated with the University of Glasgow. Their main objective was to investigate whether any causal relationship is observed between stillbirths and diabetes.

Accordingly, they examined the data of roughly 4100 pregnant diabetic mothers with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. To act as a control, healthy pregnant mothers were also included as part of the study. At the same time, the scientists recorded any instance of childbirth during the 18-year time interval.

The findings concluded that elevated blood sugar level is a substantial risk factor in determining stillbirths. Those pregnant diabetic mothers with the condition were far more likely to experience the situation than normal mothers.

Out of the total stillbirth cases reported during the time, as many as 30% of mothers with diabetes. In the 18 years-time, around 4000 mothers gave birth to 5400 babies (including twins and triplets).

However, the unfortunate side would tell us that there were 16 instances of stillbirth for pregnant diabetic mothers with Type 1. While the ones with Type 2 diabetes had a calculated risk of 23 stillbirths per a thousand births.

It is pertinent to consider that for the general population, the risk stands at a meagre 5 stillbirths for 1000 births.

The results clearly showed that diabetes had a significant role to play in causing the death of the baby pre or post-delivery. Another prominent thing to keep in mind is that mothers with Type 1 diabetes, although exhibiting a lower stillbirth risk, had an increased sugar level throughout their pregnancy. In cases, where the delivery was successful, the baby was at risk of being underweight.

Need to Manage Blood Sugar Level

One of the foremost issues raised by the study from the University of Glasgow is that diabetes irrespective of its type can cause birth complications. Which in a way emphasizes the need for pregnant diabetic mothers to maintain their blood sugar level.

There is no single way of managing your elevated rise in the sugar level. A professional endocrinologist is in the position to guide you towards implementing steps for the mother’s own betterment. But given that, there is also an important guideline to follow that of bringing BMI to a normal level.

Most pregnant diabetic mothers examined during the study were supposedly overweight. This is essentially a problem because a higher BMI increases the chances of medical complications particularly diabetes.




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