Moon and Human Health: Evidence shows lunar cycle can affect bodily changes

The science of the moon as a study has always fascinated scientists. For years, they have invested tireless efforts in studying the planet’s naturally occurring satellite. But only little did people know that the moon and human health can possibly relate to each other.

It is perhaps not new music to your ears knowing that in the past people used to worship the moon as a holy deity. For the believers, it was believed to cause and stop the occurrence of natural phenomena unexplained by science.

Gradually as our grip on technological advancement strengthened, we understood some essential intricacies of the moon. Which included but were not restricted to the phases, shapes etc.

But now according to new research findings, moon and human health might just exhibit a connection. That is to say, with some supporting empirical evidence, the latter can in one way or the other co-depend on the former.

Let us find out how!

The moon and human health

There is firstly no denying that moon constitutes a vital role in the sustenance of life on earth. Sure, the news of Neil Armstrong landing sounds exciting to many but are we aware that the moon leads to the stabilization of the rotation of the earth. In fact, scientist believe with its absence we are more likely to move towards a climatic catastrophe.

All that discussion aside, medical scientists now widely believe that the moon has some impact on human health. While findings await accreditation from other researchers, there is evidence available to support our hypothesis.

A 2014 research documented in the Sleep Medicine Journal accounted for the relationship between lunar phases and sleep duration. Scientists studied the sleep pattern and quality of 320 participants volunteering for the study.

The aim was to investigate whether the changes in the moon phases can affect the sleep mechanism of an individual. Interestingly enough, the findings showed that during a full moon cycle, the participants had fewer hours of sleep. They were more prone to insomnia and conditions that caused sleep deprivation.

As soon as the full moon was over, sleep quality seemed improving with time. This led scientists to conclude that there is a causal link.

Although conducted on a small scale, the study provides with some interesting insight into the moon and human health.

What about mental health?

While so far we know that the changes in the moon cycle can arguably affect sleep pattern. What about mental health?

Surprisingly, another study examining the relationship between behavioural changes and lunar phases found that the latter can induce criminality among individuals. With the full moon cycle, people became more prone to aggressive and violent behaviours.

The study was later validated in the year 2009 when findings confirmed that more people got admitted into rehab centres than any other time of the year. The rate was known to be 20% higher than in normal circumstances.

We have a bunch of supporting data to prove that the moon and human health are related. This article looked into two aspects mainly sleep cycle and mental health. However, we should await more research findings in the future to confirm our observations.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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