Hormonal Treatments Are Effective For Obesity

In today’s world, there are many new challenges to health. In fact, it is rife with much more complex and harder to treat health issues. This is why there is an increase in research and expansion of the health industry. One of the conditions which are worrying health professionals worldwide is the obesity pandemic.

As mentioned before, many of the problems present today are perplexing. This is because of a couple of reasons including their connections with each other. For instance, many of the top causes of death worldwide have links with each other.

More specifically, a person with one of them has double the risk of developing another. In the case of obesity, it raises the risk of diabetes type 2, heart disease, and many more. In addition, some research also shows it is one of the leading cause of rising in heart-related conditions worldwide.

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Therefore, researchers are looking for more and more ways to find a solution. This includes not only professional medical health but also lifestyle treatments. However, the issue is still spreading around the globe.

In the midst of research on the subject, a new study explores the possible effects of hormone treatments. The main purpose of the study was to know whether or not a combination of three hormones is effective. It looks not only at obesity but also diabetes type 2. The findings appear in the journal Diabetes Care.

Read the study here.

Hormonal Treatments Have Effects Similar To Gastric Bypass

The obesity pandemic worldwide is perhaps the biggest issue for health professionals right now. The research from the past on the matter suggests a variety of ways the problem can be controlled. In many of the studies on both diabetes type 2 and obesity, some showed its link with gut hormones.

Gut hormones, according to scientists, play a fundamental role in the body. They can affect a number of functions such as metabolism. In the new study, researchers purpose a combination of three of gut hormones which can help in the treatment of obesity.

The combination, GOP, includes the three hormones peptide YY, glucagon-like peptide 1, and oxyntomodulin. To see the effects of these hormones, the participants of the study had infusions of this combination. The period of these infusions was of four weeks.

Each one of the infusions’ effects lasted for around twelve hours. The interesting thing was that hormones in the GOP infusions were the same ones whose levels go up when a person undergoes gastric bypass.

The participants in the study were divided into two groups. The experimental group had fifteen participants, each one of which received gut hormone infusions. On the other hand, the control had eleven participants who received saline solutions.

After the four week observatory period, there were positive effects of the GOP infusions. The participants in the experimental group 4.4 kilograms in the study time. The average weight loss in the experimental group was 2.2 kilograms.

In addition, the GOP infusions also improved glucose fluctuations in the participants. Participants who had saline solution did not experience any such effects.

While these findings are positive, the researchers agree a longer, large-scale study is better to know more. For the time being, more treatments are needed in controlling the obesity pandemic.



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