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No alternative to breast milk in preventing eczema in babies, scientists say

Breastfeeding may be more beneficial for the baby than one might possibly perceive. This has been substantiated by research carried over a span of two years. The findings were documented in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

The research may change the way mothers all around the world see the process of breastfeeding. Commonly what is observed that women lookout for other alternatives in the form of bottled milk etc. While it is supposed to work in some situations, the benefits gained from breast milk may have no comparison.

The study concluded that breastfeeding in the first three months may reduce the risk of Eczema for the baby. Both in his/her childhood period and the time that follows afterward.

Eczema is a skin disease that consequently causes the development of red, itchy patches on different parts of the body. Characterized as being a long term condition, symptoms may worsen if no proper treatment procedure is carried out.

The Findings

Researchers wanted to examine the effects of breast milk on the health of babies. In general, they wanted to investigate whether, in one way or the other, mother’s milk had any impact on the risk of eczema.

For the purpose of the study, the scientists looked into the data of about 1500 babies, From the time they were born to the age of 6 years old, the feeding practices were observed and noted down.

Once the research ended, scientists found that breastfeeding certainly had a role to play. The babies that relied on their mother’s milk had drastically lessened their chances of eczema. In comparison to those who were bottle-fed, the risk remained relatively lower.

What the study suggests is a strong relationship existing between breastfeeding and eczema. Yet there are some essential points to consider as well. Firstly, though scientists have found the risk to have decreased, it must not be the sole preventive measure taken.

Eczema occurs as a combination of a whole range of factors that are currently being studied. It may occur due to allergies or if it runs within the family history.

In extension to those scientists associated with the study have tried examining the reasons for such a reason. They wanted to find out how and why breastfeeding reduces the chances of the condition.

How breast milk helps in fighting eczema?

With the previous studies available, it remained unclear as to what really causes Eczema. Subsequently, the scientists were also unaware of the reasons as to how breastfeeding might help.

They have, however, been able to devise some important deduction that needs to be substantiated by further research. Firstly, scientists believe that the mother milk contains certain antibodies that get transferred to the baby during the feeding process.

With the transfer of these antibodies, the immune system gets triggered. These antibodies combine together to develop the immune system of the baby. What this results in is the less likelihood for allergens to exhibit with the body henceforth protecting the child from the Eczema condition.

More detail is needed for the aforementioned explanation. Suffice to say, breast milk may offer benefits that bottle milk may not be able to yield.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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